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Anti Stress Food

Promotional food shaped stress toys come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes.  They represent common food items and are custom logo printed for branding and marketing purposes.  Works best with food-related organisations and industries such as farms, grocery stores, wineries and more.

Promotional Food Shaped Stress Toys

Tasty food items are frequently on our mind and if you're in the food or beverage industry using promotional food shaped stress toys is an awesome opportunity to market your brand (sorry but these are non-edible).  All of the options you see here are custom printed with your company logo or message for marketing and recall purposes.  Give out food shaped stress toys at your next event and you will notice the difference they can make.  The specific shapes allow for creative ways in which you can market your logo and draw instant associations with your brand. 

There's a tonne of examples this could work such as using a slice of stress bread for a bakery, stress banana for a banana farmer, stress chilli for anywhere that serves spicy food, stress wine bottle for a liquor shop to just name a few.  Whenever you're using promotional products if they're unique and creative it usually results in a much better reception from the recipient.  This is no different for stress toys, and due to the huge range of options, a stress toy catered to your industry is a top gift.

Ready to have your logo on these stress shaped food, or have a question?  Call us on 1300 303 717 or request a fast quote on any of our product pages for quick help!