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Custom sportswear allows your team to triumph and helps to forge team unity.  Made from materials that are breathable, comfortable and flexible there are options that will work for the gym or the field.  With a custom print you can have your emblem or logo added to all apparel pieces.

Custom Sportswear and Sports Shirts - value on the move

If you are looking for branded clothes, ask yourself:-

    • Where can I find quality clothing that won't break my budget?
    • Where can I find a deal where what I see is what I pay for?
    • Where can I find someone who understands what I need?

Does Logo Clothing make a difference?

Whether your workmates are facing up against a rival team on the pitch or squaring up against your biggest business competitor, it's important to pull their spirits together till match end. Company Clothing needs to be: Functional - help your team to move freely and protect them when against life's little bumps and grazes allowing them to carry out their tasks. Brand Building - whilst you're out and about, make a statement your competitors will never forget, play hard and play fair, and let them know who's winning! Strong Identity - remind your opposition, your customers who they're dealing with in no uncertain terms. Unity - team sport relies on all members playing as one and there's no better way to achieve this than eliminating differences; look the same, feel the same.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Our Experience

We have years of experience in embroidered clothing and our biggest line is sports clothing showing logos and brand messages. Embroidered sports clothing not only looks great for leisurewear and casual workwear but if you're serious about team sport and are kitting out an unruly band of men and women to represent you on the footy field or netball pitch, you'll need quality, stand-out sports clothes displaying who you are, loud and proud. In fact, many Australian companies who are our customers reap the benefit of doing so; The Salvation Army, Ray White, Chupa Chups, DELL and Heinz. They recognise the value of uniting staff behind a common identity, it also makes players and team member feel like elite sportsmen/women...well, almost! On our product pages, you'll find more reasons to choose Corporate Embroidered Clothes.

No sneaky little costs - It's hard enough deciding which clothes to buy for your team and how best to brand them without having to cop additional set up costs. We won't do that to you. After we advise the best sports clothing for your needs, we'll present you with a single price - no "of course we need to add..." or "I'll just apply the setup surcharge....". Just a fair deal with no sneakiness.

*** The below products are a fraction of our great range in sports clothing, please call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - and our team will help measure you up for standout sports clothing!***.

Sports Clothing - Quality and Value

In buying Customised sportswear from us, we understand your core needs as:

    • You only want first quality embroidered clothing
    • You expect to be advised in a courteous manner
    • You're no dummy - quality and price are key factors

You only want quality branded clothing and that's fair enough. So do we. Just as you need to keep your team playing a tight game, we dedicate our gameplay to sourcing only the highest quality, bang-per-buck products. The factories we negotiate with only come to the table with sports clothing that meets our exacting standards. If our clothing were to let you down, we'd see it as a major failure...and we assertively play to win.

When you speak to one of our dedicated account managers, they'll openly advise you on which embroidered clothes suits your needs in a courteous, friendly way. Did you know that a white Custom Polo Shirt with a blue-collar stripe is the latest fashion must-have for Lawn Bowles this year? That's the knowledge you don't get in a rebellious sports store!

Finally, we've been in business long enough to recognise the fundamental needs of custom clothing buyers. Your reputation and bank balance are on the line here, and we're committed to supplying you with great quality and value.

Remember the basics; Custom Sports Clothing unifies and identifies a winning team, we will help you choose the best kit and impress you with quality and industry-leading value. To get your game-on - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - we're looking forward to helping you.