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Tea Towels

Custom tea towels are a soft cloth made of linen, cotton or both.  Primarily designed to dry dishes, cutlery and other kitchenware a promotional tea towel doubles as an effective marketing tool that will get your logo shown on display in the recipients home.

Promotional Tea Towels - High-grade and Budget-friendly

Budget Promotion offers a wide array of Branded Logo Tea Towels ideal to use in hotels, motels, corporate, schools and wherever you may see fit to market your brand.

All printed tea towel variants are made from high-quality materials including the superior inks used, but don't you worry about the expenses as they are low cost and a sure value for your money!

Getting interested? Order or call us now! We are ready to answer all your queries or get your orders underway.

High-class Fabrics of Branded Logo Tea Towels

100% Cotton Tea Towels

An affordable version without sacrificing quality. Coming from the cotton plant thus assuring a softer and smoother feel to the skin.

100% Linen Tea Towels

Dubbed as the Rolls-Royce of Custom Tea Towel fabrics. Why? Because of its A-Grade 100% Linen material and European craftsmanship! Coming from the strong fine flax plant which makes each towel a unique beauty.

75% Linen 25% Cotton Tea Towels

You can opt for these combined fabrics if you wish a blend of both high-quality materials. Your promotion will still be as effective and you will soon enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Our Promotional Tea Towel expert is always available to cater to your queries and needs, just pick up the phone and dial the numbers 1300 303 717.