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Frisbees & Outdoor Games

Promotional frisbees will have your marketing soar to success.  They offer a large area for a custom print of a logo on the front surface that's easily seen from a distance.  A great giveaway item that all ages and demographics can enjoy.

Promotional Frisbees and Outdoor Games!

Choosing frisbees should be a breeze but you need to consider:

  • Quality as your foremost concern
  • The low price has to match quality goods
  • The deal's only as good as the customer service

Let's buy Frisbees!

Where would you rather be? Stuck in a stuffy office or out in the park frolicking with your colleagues, enjoying a glass of something naughty and having a game of frisbee? Right answer and you chose that option because we're all children at heart and Custom Made Frisbees can help unlock that inner child. They work so well a promotional tool because they're:- Fun - we tend to remember the best of our childhood and our working experience is similar. A trip to the park at lunchtime playing with a frisbee somehow seems more poignant the drudgery of pretending to work! Chuck a logo on the frisbee and it's instantly associated with the best of times. Brand Building - a funky product with high takeup and a shiny printed surface is a marketeers dream. Team Building - team sports rely on the close cohesion between team members, use Branded Frisbees to encourage activities that draw your team together. Just buy them and your inner children will do the rest.

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Still Flying High

For more than a decade, we've been helping Australians choose promotional products, Australian businesses like Tarong EnergyWestfield, VISY, Ray White and Cadbury. OK, these guys have massive marketing departments with people who specialise in promoting their brands...but funky items like Custom Printed Frisbees are no longer the preserve of the Blue Chip Brigade, small to medium companies are now realising their value and are branding items with their logos and messages

WE WILL NOT CHARGE SET UP COSTS! - it's not in our nature to slap a surcharge on your bill when you think you're done and dusted. They're already included in our industry-low prices. How do we do this? How do the others get away with it?!!!

*** There's plenty to see here on Promotional Frisbees and other promotional products; Australia, this deal is exclusive to you! Please call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - a team member will have you flying high in no time ***

Corporate Frisbees - Fun Value

We've identified that in buying frisbees, you are looking for:

    • Dependable quality products
    • Dependable quality service
    • Dependable low prices

Well, it's fair to say you can depend on us to deliver on all three counts.

Firstly, it's all very well to promise good quality products but it's another to consistently deliver them for over ten years. That's where we score big time and are regarded as an industry favourite. We believe in good old fashioned value.

Contacting us for a Personalised Corporate Promotional Frisbee quote or product information is really easy and we make it all the easier by quickly assessing your needs and finding the most appropriate account manager to assist you.

Lastly, we sweeten the deal but presenting Australia's most honed to perfection pricing strategy on promotional items like frisbees. Simply we sell at the lowest prices - don't ask how we can but we just do!

The highlights; low prices, high quality & great service. Now how can we improve on that?! Let's cut to the chase; when you've had a wee look through the pages on Promotional Frisbees - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and we'll help make your buying experience a pleasure.