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We have been a member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) for over 17 years so are in a good position to supply your next order of custom branded Promo Items, Corporate Clothing and Corporate Gifts. We supply to business and government clients all over this big brown land we call Australia - on budget, on time - everytime.  Over the years we have worked out what makes our clients tick!, but what about you?, do you require:
  • Superior quality custom Promotional Items decorated with care for longer lastings promos?
  • Australia's best value corporate pricing with SET UP FREE OF CHARGE and no hidden extras?
  • A dedicated, organised Account Manager that treats you with respect and courtesy?
If you answered 'yes' we can definetly help you!  Call us on the number above and have your questions answered right now.

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The Organic Cotton Satchel OK, I get the cotton satchel concept, afterall we're talking about a material that's hanging off nearly everyone's back. A satchel too is a useful item I've been familiar with ever since I was ...

Corporate Promotional Items : Value Promise

Buying Corporate Clothing, Gifts and Promotional Products can seem a little confusing; there are many different product options from many different suppliers, pricing can seem confusing and when you call some companies their staff do not seem to know much about their own products!.  We think that you, the customer, deserve better!, we realise that part of our job is to showcase the very best Promotional Items and Clothing.  We have on this website selected the most effective merchandise available and offer with it Australia's very best value:

Quality products only

We believe that quality products - promotional and corporate offer the best value.  We recognise that there may be lower cost products available but we choose not to sell them. With over 10 years experience we have witnessed that quality products sourced from quality factories simply last longer and therefore extend the effective life of your promotion.  Secondly a quality Corporate Gift or Item with your logo or message is going to be received more readily by your recipient if it has a functional useability! - they will start using the product straightaway (and engaging with your message).  Lastly and fundamentally your message or brand should be aligned with a product that is of a good quality.  A low grade product says 'cheap', a quality product has far more positive associations and is likely to make your client do what you want - call you  ~ ask for a quote ~ place the order.  We have a very simple measure when selecting our products - we ask ourselves; 'would we be happy to have our logo on this product?' If we would not use it for our own promotion we will not use it for yours, we value your brand and will look after it with quality Promo Gifts that your budget will allow: - better promos!

Sharp prices - FREE SET UP

It is our aim to be absolutely transparent.  When you browse our products the prices you see include SET UP free-of-charge.  'Set-up' is a term in our industry for costs associated with setting up logo film, digitising, printing plates and machinery, there is no way around these costs unless you deal with us! - we pick-up the set-up.  We were the first company in Australia to do this online as we knew that buyers of Branded Items deserved one clear easy to understand cost - there are no hidden extras here.  After carrying the set-up cost we look at ways to reduce our pricing further.  We are a well established business with multi-million dollar purchasing power, we negotiate hard with  factories and importers to get the best quality products at the lowest costs, we pass these savings on directly to you to keep you coming back for more.  We have also embraced new web technologies to streamline our order and production processes to lower our costs - this means you get great products custom branded fast at Australia's lowest costs.

Customer service

Often overlooked by others we believe that when you are parting with hundreds or thousands of dollars that you deserve service.  We don't employ self proclaimed 'sales superstars' who try to make you sign on the doted line immediately, we are confident that our product's quality  will sell itself if only we give you the information you need when you need it!.  When you call us on 1300 019 690 you will be talking with a real person here in Australia - that person will manage your enquiry answering questions like 'what colours are available' and 'I need these in two weeks in Perth can you do that?' - quickly and with certain knowledge.  If you give us your business we will talk you through different artwork and branding options and then give you a proof showing EXACTLY how the product will be customised with your details.  On approval of the design by you (and only by you) we will put your chosen item through our efficient production system and have them delivered to you on or before the agreed timeframe.  From your first call until delivery me aim to make the order easy - for you.

***Call us to discover that  we are ready to help with your enquiry, alternatively email us or send in a 'fast quote' request (on each product page)***  talk soon

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