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Bouncing Balls

Promotional bouncing balls are made from rubber and other elastic materials that give them "high bounce" properties.  They are most commonly used as a giveaway item and will include a custom print of a company logo for advertising purposes.

Promotional Bouncy Balls & High Bounce Balls

Boing, boing.  A high bounce ball will skyrocket your marketing to new heights.  We supply cheap custom bouncy balls that can be decorated with your company logo or message.  Promotional bouncy balls are an excellent giveaway item that everyone of all ages can appreciate, both young and old!  You may remember unleashing your skills on the handball court back in the day.  Well, you can dust off your skills and share that experience again with the youngins.

The balls here are designed to bounce high!  With your branding being printed on the ball, they will be very visible to all that use them (just watch out for losing them onto the roof).    They're excellent for most industries if you're looking for a fun giveaway item.  And usually, work best with a younger demographic that will appreciate receiving them.  Great for events, "show bags" and more.

A promotional bouncy ball fits all of the criteria of an effective promotional product.  They're low cost, they're fun and they are branded with your logo in a prominent position.  So what are you waiting for, bounce on over and get your order started for these balls today!  Have a question?  Call us on 1300 303 717 and we can provide instant assistance.