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Value Metal Pens

Promotional metal pens are metal writing instruments that feature a custom laser engraving or print of your logo.  Primarily for marketing purposes, they are commonly given away at conferences, events and tradeshows with the purpose of increasing brand awareness and recall.

Quality Metal Business Pens - Logo Branded

When choosing company metal pens, consider:

    • A sharp quality finish that says a lot about you
    • Great prices mean more for your money
    • Easy dealings with a real person? - "yes please!"

Why should I give Engraved or Printed Metal Pens?

The reasons are many and varied but the basics staples should be enough to convince you of why they are always industry big sellers:

Great Gifts - our dazzling range should present gifts for office slaves to highly prized clients.

High Perceived Value- As our corporate pens are customisable, we can tailor an order to give the impression that the recipient is special and therefore places a higher value on the product.

Branding Opportunity - Slap your logo on the side of one of these puppies and an already attractive product becomes highly unique and desirable unless of course, you have an ugly logo (which we're sure you don't)

Transportable - because they're small and transportable, Branded metal Pens are the ideal vehicle to advertise your wares.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Industry Favourites

Over the years we've become synonymous with Custom Business Pens and Printed Corporate Pens. throughout Australia, our pens sit on some of the most prestigious desks in offices of; BP, Westfield, The Salvation Army, Chupa Chups and DELL. These household names are recognised as companies who place great importance on strongly identifiable branding - through our product pages, you'll find the kind Business Pens they choose.

There are NO SETUP CHARGES - At Budget Promotion, we like to lighten the load. By absorbing setup costs ourselves, we reduce the burden on you. You buy more, we have less kicking around - and it works nicely on both sides (otherwise we wouldn't continue doing it!).

*** Take a look at the following pens and imagine how your logo or message would look like printed on the barrel, then call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on a product page) - and we'll help make that vision a reality!***

Logo Pens - make your mark

Buyers of customised business pens share three things:

    • They only want high quality
    • They want a great buying experience
    • They don't want to be fleeced on price

This is where we share a common interest, as a buyer your needs are the same as ours. Firstly, the companies we deal with realise that your needs drive the whole chain - therefore they only produce goods of the highest quality.

Then, no matter how big or small your order is, our team will treat you like a visiting dignitary. Oprah's visit pales into insignificance compared to the red carpet treatment we offer.

Lastly, we monitor prices continuously so you always get the best deal. When we win, you win.

"Can you remind me again?"; Sure, our courteous team will only sell business pens of the highest quality at more than reasonable prices. That's a promise. To kick-start, the whole process - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - the team at budget promotion will help take it from there.