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Lip Balm

Promotional lip balms are designed to be applied to the lips to moisturise or help relieve dry chapped lips.  They are custom printed, usually with a company logo for marketing purposes and most often given away at conferences and other promotional events.

Promotional Lipbalm - kissable advertising

If you're are buying lip balm to give to clients and customers, we realise you:

  • Want guaranteed quality
  • Want a fuss-free deal
  • Want to deal with a real person

Why buy Printed Promotional Products?

Living in a sun-drenched country presents the obvious reason to buy these for your staff or club members. They also guard against chapped lips in the winter which will be appreciated by those living in Alpine or southern coastal regions. From a business perspective, they also offer:- Low Cost - Customised Lipbalm supplies won't cost you the Earth, they're a cost-effective entry to branded promo products. Great Giveaways - that low price means you can hand these items out like lollies, some of them even taste good too! A Caring Approach - what better way to show you care about the well-being of your staff, clients or teammates - protect them from the elements with a simple Custom Printed Promotional Lipbalm stick.

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An Industry Partner

Our business over the past decade has been assisting Australian business to grow through promoting their services and products with promotional items. Printed Lipbalm is one such piece that has featured in the checkout box for many recognisable brands such as Ray White, Redland, Perth Airport, Anglicare and Snowyhydro. These are Australian companies who value buying and giving printed promotional products.

WHY NO SETUP COSTS? - Easy on that...because we don't believe in fleecing our customers! Sure we factor all associated costs into our unit prices but when you compare them to our competitor's prices then add their set up costs.....(get the picture?), you'll find yourself back here in no time!

*** Check out our great deals on Promotional Lipbalm then call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - we'll be pleased to assist in any way we can ***

If you are serious about buying printed promotional products like lip balm, we know you expect:

    • Goods of the highest quality
    • Service to match
    • Prices to match

When it comes to Custom Branded Promotional Lipbalm, we've always been most insistent on supplying goods that are failsafe and durable. Lipbalm is a personal product that sits alongside toothbrushes - when you open the cap and use it, it's yours for life - well the life of the product anyway.

Secondly, we believe that good advice is necessary when shopping for printed promotional products - this is our area of speciality and we can suggest the best way to promote your brand by assigning one person to guide you.

Finally, all that quality assurance and staff pledges don't need to come at a premium price, we hack down our prices so you get the best deal in Australia. Take a browse through our Promotional Lipbalm pages then - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - we'll look forward to helping you make the most of printed promotional products!