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Promotional jackets are a corporate essential for the colder months and wet weather days.  Give them to staff or valued clients as a corporate gift or include them in a work uniform.  Custom branded with a print or embroidery they will stand out.

Promotional Jackets Australia - Corporate Logo

Kit out your team with corporate jackets for a cohesive work uniform that offers both style and functionality.  Jackets are a must-have in colder or wet climates throughout autumn and winter.  Rain, hail or shine they will perform.  There's an old saying that there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad planning.  Fortunately having a jacket at arms reach will have you prepped for whatever mother nature throws your way.

There are a large number of jackets available to fit your needs including promotional windbreaker jackets, fleece jackets, varsity jackets, rain jackets, 3 in 1 jacket, sleeveless jackets or vests to name a few.  Made from materials such as polyester, twill, fleece, nylon, wool, microfleece as well as other new innovative materials that provide high waterproof rating paired with breathability.

All of the jackets you find in this gallery are costed with your custom logo decoration in either an embroidery or print.  Simply go to the product page and select the option you are interested in or contact us for more information and we'll handle everything.

Why use logo corporate jackets?

For starters, a corporate jacket makes for a beautiful gift idea.  They're practical and a nice way to show your appreciation to staff or clients.  Decorated with embroidery or print, your logo can be tactfully displayed for an apparel piece that can be worn with business/casual attire in or out of the workplace.  They're also a must-have for those working outdoors and will greatly increase their workplace satisfaction and reduce the odds of them getting sick or unwell and being unable to work.

So now you know about the practical side of things, what about the bonus marketing benefits?  For starters having a standardised jacket across your organisation ensures your team looks unified and there's also a bunch of other benefits of work uniforms as well.  They also act as a walking billboard that reinforces impressions of your brand to keep your logo at the top of mind.

Buying Custom Jackets

Jackets have tax, marketing and practical benefits and should be a staple in any work uniform.  To get your order started on jackets or other promotional apparels call us on 1300 303 717 or request a quote on any product page.  We also now have instant LiveChat support available, just open up the conversation and shoot us a message, we have promo experts waiting on standby.