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Games & Puzzles

Promotional games and puzzles are a creative way to market a brand.  They are custom printed with a business logo for advertising purposes and are most commonly used as a giveaway item or gift.  Examples include Rubiks cubes, jigsaw puzzles, shape puzzles and more.

Promotional Rubik's Cubes, Games and Puzzles

Having an awesome promotional product range is the final piece of the puzzle to marketing success.  They're also a funky and memorable way to get your logo remembered, something that will stand out from the crowd.  Consider using something from this gallery at your next trade show or convention to give attendees something to talk about.

In this gallery you will find a variety of mentally titillating puzzles that will get the gears spinning.  Your target markets full attention will be on the puzzle (and therefore your logo) so they will be engaged and more likely to recall your brand.  Brain teasers, tangle puzzles, tumbling tower puzzles, sliding tile puzzles and of course, the iconic custom printed jigsaw puzzle can all be found here.

At Budget Promotion you can expect 3 things:

Low Prices and Top Value: Only the best prices and best value products are available so you can easily select the best option for your situation.

Free Setup on all Products: We've heard your concerns and deleted setup costs off all of our products!  Don't get caught out by these added costs elsewhere.

Personal Customer Service: Deal 1 on 1 with a real person.  Customer service is our priority and we know how frustrating it can be to ping-ponged between departments.  At Budget Promotion you receive a dedicated account manager from start to end fo your journey.

Do you have a question, are looking for suggestions or are ready to pull the trigger on your promotional puzzles and games?  Give us a call on 1300 303 717 or message us on Live Chat for instant support.  We will solve all of your problems in record time!