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Promotional clocks will display the time and a company logo for advertising purposes.  Available in analogue and digital options these clocks are usually customised with a pad print or digital print.  Popular as a corporate gift for clients, customers or staff members.

Promotional Clocks - guaranteed low price!

We won't waste your time on this or patronise you with bad jokes when time is of the essence:

  • You need top quality guaranteed
  • Low prices should be assured
  • Help should be a phone call away

Why Give Company Promotional Products

Giving an item like Custom Clock is an excellent way of honouring a relationship for the following reasons:- Big Branders - these much looked at items have a flat surface that is open to printing your message or logo. Functional - people look at clocks every day, even your own staff. It might pay to brand a clock for the office with "Get Back to Work"! Big Takeup - clocks are one of those items we collect and fuss over, the beg to be consulted at regular intervals. This is why they're always received with open arms.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Reaping the Benefits

Company Promotional Products like Promotional Clocks are a great way to say "thank you" (and mean it). Over the last decade, our clients have been reaping the benefits of gifting time to their staff and customers, folks like; Cadbury, Perth Airport, UNSW, Commonwealth Bank and Victoria Legal Aid. They find exceptional value in giving Logo Branded Promotional Clocks. Other reasons they've stated are noted in the product pages on this site.

VICTORY VEES TO SET UP COSTS - Aye, we're quite warlike when it comes to set up costs - you won't be speared by nasty surprises at Budget Promotion. We will fight them on the beaches.......

*** Take a few minutes to measure how great our Printed Clocks are, then call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - and we'll process your order at warp speed.***

Corporate Clocks - Value Gifts

When buying clocks, you will generally be mindful of:

    • Quality
    • Service
    • Price

And we won't disappoint on any of those fronts. Firstly, we work hard selecting Promotional Clocks from companies who manufacture to the highest quality. This extends to mechanisms and bodies to print quality. You'll be known by the quality of the gift you give and by extension, so will we.

You can be assured of a great service when you either email or fill out a web form or pick up the phone and call us. We'll assign one staff member to assist and process your order.

Lastly, our superior buying power ensures the price you pay is the lowest you'll find for the same top quality.

Let's recap; company promotional products like clocks have a high takeup and in buying from us, you'll get great service, best quality and a guaranteed low price. Take a look through the Company Branded Clocks on this page and when you'd like to contact us - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and we'll be more than happy to assist.