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Reusable Straws

Promotional reusable straws are the eco-friendly way to enjoy all of your favourite beverages.  They are custom branded with either a print or a laser engraving and available in metal, silicone or paper options.  A fantastic gift or giveaway item to have your message stick.

Promotional Reusable Straws - Custom Printed

Save the turtles and ditch the plastic straw.  With many Aussies taking up this mantra it's never been a better time to market your organisation than with some branded reusable drinking straws.  They're easy to transport around and use whenever you're enjoying a cold beverage.  A printed straw is a re-usable option which obviously means less plastic is used but is also perfect for promo.  Reusable means many impressions at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere.

More and more restaurants have started banning plastic straws.  For example, Starbucks has made the goal of phasing out plastic straws by 2020 and McDonalds have banned plastic straws in their restaurants for some countries.  It's only a matter of time before more follow suit and the reusable straw becomes as popular as the reusable coffee cup.

For a promotion that sucks (but in a good way) use some promotional straws!  You can call us any time on 1300 303 717 and have your questions answered or begin your order.  Alternatively, we have support available on our LiveChat.

Branded Metal Straws, Paper Straws and Silicone Straws

There's a number of options available for branded drinking straws.  The best option will come down to preference and their intended use.  For example, if you want something that's on-trend and a little tougher a stainless steel straw should be your go-to choice.  Alternatively, if you want something that's a bit more low cost you have the option of a silicone straw which also works well with a logo print.  And then there's a paper drinking straw pack that will include printed paper straws with your logo decoration on the box (usually as a full-colour sticker).  This works well as a small gift for events and combines nicely with a tote bag and other eco orientated products.