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Promotional notepads are usually printed on each page with a custom design and logo.  They can be lined, blank, dotted or even display a grid.  Generally, a notepad will utilise a cardboard backing with an adhesive at the top of the pad to keep it together.

Custom Promotional Notepads - with your print and branding

Choosing notepads should not be a difficult exercise:

  • Only buy stock with quality printing
  • Don't pay a premium for sundries
  • Expect to speak to someone in the know

Why buy Notepads?

The appeal of notepads can't be fully appreciated on-page but there are 4 main benefits:- A classic - Promotional Notepads are almost expected at conferences and industry show bags, they're synonymous with promotions and have a very high take-up. Highly Functional - Whether to take notes at a corporate event or back in the office, Customised Notepads fulfil a need. Brand Builders - choose colours, shapes and print options to fully reflect your brand or message, it's the level of customisation that makes them so popular. Giveaways - Their relatively low cost make them ideal to hand out left, right and centre.

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Shared Wisdom

We have been selling Promotional Notepads for a fair few years now to big Australian concerns like Ray White, UniSA, Quit, Rogerseller and Telstra. Now, these aren't small fry by any stretch of the imagination and probably for good reason. Their marketing strategies include the giving of promotional items like Branded Company Notepads and you can find many of their shared wisdom included on the product pages in this site. Take a browse and look for yourself!

A BIG "NO" TO SET UP COSTS - we believe it's criminal to whack set up charges on products as you leave an online store - some websites are difficult to navigate and by the time you get to the checkout, you'll pay almost anything to justify the hour you spent filling in forms and selecting products! Not here you won't - there's a streamlined process with no nasty surprises at the end.

*** To try out our great site and service, call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - you'll be pleasantly surprised!***

Branded Notepads - so versatile

We've been selling notepads for a long time and worked our customers expect:

    • Dependable, quality Custom Promotional Notepads in attractive colours
    • A good deal from one of our account managers
    • Low prices but not at the expense of quality
    • Firstly, we only partner with companies who exceed our minimum standards on paper, adhesive and printing. They, like us know that your needs come first and you won't come back if the product fails in any way.

Secondly, instead of passing you from pillar to post, your call or order will be addressed by a single account manager who will seamlessly process and finalise within a matter of minutes.

The prices you see are the prices you pay. We've "pre-negotiated" the lowest prices you'll pay on these goods so you don't have to. Look around first as you'll be ready to press the button with Budget Promotion!

"OK, hit me with that again!".Alrighty, we have a policy of achieving the lowest prices for the highest quality Promotional Corporate Notepads and will handle your requests with courtesy and patience, so - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - we look forward to assisting you.