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Custom Lapel Pins

Promotional lapel pins also known as enamel pins are most commonly worn on clothing such as jackets or vests to market an organisation or raise awareness for a charity.  They can be customed shaped to fit a specified design or business.

Custom Lapel Pins and Custom Enamel Pins

What better way to promote your organisation or charity than with the iconic lapel pin.  Budget Promotion specialises in making promotional lapel pins that help to raise money, promote your brand identity or show affiliation to a cause or organisation.  They are an excellent cost-effective gift that's wearable on a shirt, hat, jacket or even backpack.  There are many styles of lapel pins available, notably the soft and hard lapel pins are the biggest sellers in this category.  Promotional lapel pins are a fantastic giveaway item due to the visibility they display as well as their inherent collectability and popularity.

Soft Lapel Pins: Soft enamel pins are usually the more popular of the two and have raised metal edges, creating a textured like finish.  For soft enamel pins, the enamel metal plating process is done before the enamel is filled in which allows for certain finishes to be done that cannot be done on hard enamel such as rainbow plating.

Hard Lapel Pins: Hard enamel is more durable than their soft counterparts and features a scratch-resistant finish that's both smooth and flat.  They are first filled in with colour, the pins face is ground down to be flat and smooth.  It's this grinding that means they are not compatible with certain types of metal finishes.

Both styles will offer vibrant colours and an awesome look, but the best option will depend on your goals, design and personal preference.  We are ready and waiting to provide you with Lapel Pin assistance, give us a call on 1300 303 717 and we can assist you further.

Who can use custom lapel pins?

Non-Profits and Charities: Charities and non-profits have had large success in using lapel pins as a reward for donations and selling them to generate funding.  Easily the most popular type of client that buys lapel pins.  You can also have your lapel pins nicely packaged to give a retail feel.

Businesses: Have a tradeshow or event and want to do something a little different than the typical pen or coffee mug?  Well, a promotional lapel pin is something that easily stands out and is something that people will rush to get their hands on.  Great as a promotional giveaway item.  

Sporting Clubs & Education: Universities, schools and sporting clubs use lapel pins to show off school or team spirit.  A great gift for alumni or staff members to represent the school.  Alternatively, a sporting team can offer pins that can be given/sold to supporters they can wear to sporting events and games.