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Promotional beer coasters are used to rest drinks upon and promote a business, club or organisation.  They are custom printed on one or both sides and are designed to protect the surface in which they are used or signal a drink is not yet finished.

Custom Promotional Beer Coasters

Before you dive into this great page and go crazy with your buying finger, remember:

  • High quality means longevity
  • Low prices mean you save on basics
  • A good deal is easy with great staff

Why Give Promotional Coasters?

There are many great reasons to give drinks coasters including:- Branding - there's no doubt that coasters have a big appeal and the choice of colours, shapes and print options mean you'll always be able to select something that says who you are. Giveaways- their lightweight and cost-effectiveness are why they are ideal to hand out at trade fairs and conventions, or even post to customers. Functional - these products have a purpose and rather than a bit of plastic which are essentially ornaments, Branded Coasters will hit the deck, give you twenty and start working straight away!

In this gallery, you will find a variety of coaster types including promotional leather coasters, promotional acrylic coasters, printed paper coasters and custom wood coasters in bulk to name a few.

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Promotional Campaign

Our expertise lies in assisting you in finding the best Custom Branded Coasters to augment your promotional campaign. Many others have done so before you including brands we have worked with like; Cleanaway, Barilla, Westfield, Theiss and Qantas. These companies and organisations reap the benefits of Personalised Coasters on a regular basis - we've been privy to some of their reasons for buying and giving them, the likes of which you'll find listed on the product pages on this site!

SET UP COSTS...WHAT SET UP COSTS?! - we dare you to compare our prices to other sites! Actually, we know you'll do this and we're quite comfortable that when you ask about sneaky setup costs, we'll be able to hold our heads up high...

*** Take a good look through the pages of this site, specifically the pages on Promotional Drinks Coasters then call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - and we'll help you with whatever you'd like to do.***

Personalised Beer Mats - Big Value

We have sold squillions of coasters over the last ten years and realise buyers are looking for the following:

    • Consistent quality
    • Individual service
    • Sharp pricing

There's no point in giving away dozens of Custom Logo Coasters if you can't have confidence in their quality, it sours the whole deal. That's why we slavishly test our Printed Coasters with endless coffee cups and glasses of Aussie red - it's tough but effective. In addition, we only deal with factories who produce reliable, well-printed stock.

If you are venturing into new territory or a returning customer, you'll find we tailor your experience by assigning one account manager to you from the start. We'll even haul them out of their sickbeds if you should call (OK, perhaps that is pushing it a bit....) but we try hard to make the process easy.

Lastly, we don't think you should be bamboozled into paying lots for essentially giveaway items like Promotional Drinks Coasters. We sharpen our prices continuously to make this happen.

A quick reminder; you can relax on the quality, price and service here at Budget Promotion, we've done all the hard work for you! When you've browsed through the site and wish to proceed further - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and our team will take it from there.