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Personal Gifts

Personal corporate gifts show individuals that their role is important and appreciated.  The gifts are all logo decorated for recall and recognition and are great for around the home.  Suitable for important clients, employees or as an additional gift with customers.

Corporate Promotional Products: Personal Gifts for special people

Gift shopping now just got a whole lot easier but the basics remain the same:

  • Only buy top quality
  • Don't pay too much
  • Get help when you need it 

Why give Customised Gifts?

Simply because they offer:- Great Rewards - they assist in rewarding the value of someone's business or the importance of a member of your team. Something Tangible - rather than a simple thank you (which has it's place at work or in a club environment), a physical quality Personalised Gift is a solid, reminder of your intention. Cast it in stone, inscribe it for all to see, put your money where your mouth is etc. Making it Personal - say a few compelling words, look them in the eye as you hand over a Customised Gift and the brief moment will last a lifetime. Best to do it earlier in someone's career than later as retirees have only about 20 years left in them - not much time to savour the timekeeping personal gift and the added benefits of promotional products...

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Great Practice

Over the last decade, Australian businesses have been giving Corporate Promotional Products to their staff and loyal customers, and we've been privy to this great practice. Brands like: Heinz, RMIT, Ray White, KPMG and Toyota. They find great value from the transaction and now you can too by checking out or product pages.

SET UP COSTS...EXIT STAGE LEFT! - we won't make a drama out of this but we just boo'd set up costs off the stage. Their act was rotten and customers were leaving the theatre. They'll be appearing at other venues but not here!

*** For Corporate Branded Products such as custom made gifts, call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - we won't turn your drama into a crisis.***

Personalised Company Gifts

If you're going to buy gifts, we recognise that you need:

    • Quality products that will stand the test of time
    • A great working relationship with our staff
    • Prices that will help you keep your job

If you're going to go all in and choose a Printed Gift for someone who makes a difference to your business or club, you need assurance the gift is going to match the sincerity of your actions. We only select our range for gifts and corporate promotional products from companies who understand this simple ethos. There is, of course, an underlying threat of pulling a pretty large account if they stuff up...

We enjoy a buoyant, fun-filled, productive working environment in our office and our pumped up staff share this unbridled enthusiasm whenever they handle a customer's request. We do it one-on-one so you get to know who's giving you great advice every time you call us back!

Lastly, There's no point in us running a Schmick show selling quality Corporate Promotional Products if we're not prepared to sharpen our pencil on prices. We have big buying power which, as the major chains say, means you get great prices too.

Now let's review that last bit; don't sweat the prices, quality or service you'll receive at Budget Promotion. Their competitiveness is the very reason we stand while others fall (until of course they read this and alter their business plan!) It's a straightforward process to enquire about or make an order - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and one of our team members will advise you best.