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Floating Keyrings

Promotional floating keyrings are made from foam or other buoyant materials that will float on top of the water if they are dropped or go overboard so they can be retrieved.  They are custom printed for marketing purposes and commonly given away as a corporate gift.

Promotional Floating Keyrings Logo Branded

Batten down the hatches!  Like a message in a bottle if your keys go overboard they will be waiting to be discovered.  This also applies to your logo waiting to be discovered by onlookers on your snazzy promotional floating keyrings.  Most floating keyrings are custom printed with your business logo and contact information for easy recognition.

So why should you use logo branded floating keyrings to market your brand?  Okay, so this product may not be the best for all industries but for those that frequent the water a keyring like this can be a godsend.  Most Aussies that live near the coast will have a story about how they or someone they know lost their keys or something else overboard sinking to the depths never to be found again.  Well, such a simple little product can save you a huge amount of stress and time if you're out on the water frequently this is one of the most practical keyrings you can possibly have.

Not only that but they're usually supplied in bright, eye-catching colours that demand attention (so you can easily spot them in the event they do go overboard).  This also makes them great for attracting attention to your company logo.  These style of keyrings can work for most industries but will work best for employees or customers that frequent the water such as boat hire, water sports equipment hire, shipping companies, oil companies and more.

Have your logo float to the top of your target audiences mind with some branded floating keyrings!  Have any questions?  Call us on 1300 303 717 or message us on Live Chat we are waiting to help!  Get your order started today.