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Embroidered Caps

Embroidered caps supplied in bulk for big savings are an effective way to promote your brand.  When worn they function as a moving advertisement with a stylish finish.  Most popular in baseball cap styles, trucker caps or flat peak caps.

Embroidered Promotional Caps and Hats

Astute bulk embroidered cap buyers should consider the following:

  • Quality is my number one consideration
  • I don't want to be duped on price
  • A no-fuss transaction will save me time and money

Why Custom Hats then?

There are reasons galore for embroidering a hat with your logo or brand message but let's start at the top:- Low, Low Costs - we leverage low prices so you can save money. Promote Your Brand- dress your staff and customers with your branding on a customised hat, they'll spread the word for you. Protect Your Staff - the least you can do is provide staff with protective clothing (it's the law, isn't it?). Hats will shield them from the sun and keep the rain off their perm. Give it all Away - as our corporate hats are very attractive at equally attractive prices, you can afford to give them away at conventions, conferences and shows.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Basic Needs

Our team recognises your basic needs as they're exactly what they're looking for when they're out and about shopping for clothes, food and nappies! We aim to meet your needs and excel at every opportunity. Our speciality is Custom Promotional Hats and companies we have worked for include; Rio Tinto, Radisson, VW, Cadbury and Chupa Chups. These forward-thinking companies see the value in reinforcing their brand awareness and lifting their team's - throughout the website, you'll find many more reasons to choose promotional products.  

DO AWAY WITH SET UP COSTS - That's it, boss' orders. We play fair from the start; what you see is what you pay. Imagine buying your weekly groceries then being stung for a "coolage" charge at the checkout?! It's preposterous and you shouldn't expect it in a simple process like buying Embroidered Custom Promotional Hats.

*** Take a peek at our hats below and when you've decided which suit your needs, please call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - we're waiting for your call and are ready to help.***.

Company Branded Hats - we've got it covered

If you need to buy embroidered headwear, we realise you:

    • Are only keen to get first quality hats
    • Want a knowledgeable account manager
    • Need to balance aesthetics with economy

Our mission is to only offer first quality products and promotional hats are no exception. We only select hats that we know our customers will accept and that involves constantly monitoring goods we receive from the factories we deal with. If the quality isn't up to scratch, the deal is dead.

The process of choosing hat types, shapes, material finishes and colours can be confusing, deciding where to add your logo is another stress you don't need. That's why when you call us, a team member who's been helping a business like yours for years will take your call.

What's fashionable, durable and economical is our business and we're well placed to advise how best to spend your dollar to make the most effective statement.

In summary; giveaway a low-cost promotional hat to your staff and clients alike, it will protect them against the elements and be worn for years to come, representing great value and a wise choice. So that we can assist you further - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and knowledgeable Budget Promotion team member will take your call.