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USB Drives

Promotional USB Drives are usually decorated with a print of a company logo and are most commonly given away for marketing purposes.  They are a data storage device that utilises flash memory with a USB interface and are removable and rewritable.

Logo Branded USB Drives - trendy and practical

USB Drives with your printed logo are a fun yet practical way to jump on the technology wave and provide your clients with a useful promotional item! We offer a comprehensive with the following things for you to consider, do you want:

  • To hand out a promo item that will be well used bearing your logo?
  • A top deal without hidden surprises like set-up costs?
  • Your order to be handled by a single skilled staff member?

What do Flashdrives offer?

That's a reasonable question, why would you hand out an attractive piece of merchandise with your logo on it.......? OK, if you're still reading, here are a few examples:- Flexibility - They're mini hard drives and can store files of all descriptions - docs, PPTs, JPGS, MPGs, WMVs etc.Display your Brand - print on both sides to ensure your message is always shown. Go for dynamic colours and grab people's attention. High Acceptance Rate - Let's face it, who's going to turn down a Promotional USB Drive for free? Great Gift - if you're scratching your head about what to give your staff or customers, these little bad-boys have your name written all over them, literally :)

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Printed USB Drives - value in a stick

These are a big volume seller for us and we've gathered that customers need:

    • dependable, quality drives
    • a clean, sharp deal
    • a snappy price

Promotion Products is only too happy to comply and our response is:

Firstly due to the high value, you place upon your files, our products are only selected from reputable factories who understand your needs.

Secondly to assign one account manager to your order - it's the least we can do.

Lastly, to aggressively secure low prices on our Logo Branded USB Drives then pass the savings onto you. We are a volume seller and this is how the deal goes down (how we roll!).

"I've just gone blank, hit me with that again!": Ya Slacker! Ok, we'll only sell you the best quality and value Custom Printed USB Drives and memory we can get our hands on, and when you speak to us, we'll make you feel like a valued, time-served customer. Try either calling us, emailing or sending in a 'fast quote' request now - whichever way you "dialogue" with us, we'll help you connect with your people..

*All together now..."NO SET UP COSTS!" - And what a sweet refrain that is too...the only folks who'll protest about this are our competitors who boost their margins by slipping in little extras to sour the deal (bad promo-products people). Compare and contrast as your English teacher used to say, you'll find NO SET UP COSTS is only fair. See the price against a product and that's what you'll pay! End of.

Many Good Reasons

Our flash branded with company messages and logos have been going like hotcakes to big Australian businesses over the last ten years. Companies like Radisson, Stockland, Multiplex, ING and Griffith University can't get enough of them! When you browse through our product pages for promotional flash drives, you'll find so many reasons to buy and give, take a peek now!

SEE A PRICE, PAY IT!! - well, that's generally how it works but we give you the added assurance that there will be no added charges upon checkout - we don't charge set up costs.

*** When you've had a good look through our pages for memory, call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - we're here to take your call.***