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Premium Metal Pens

Corporate metal pens with impeccable style, quality and class.  These writing instruments are a classic corporate gift that comes subtly decorated with a company logo to show appreciation and market your brand.  Many recognisable retail brands available.

Corporate Metal Pens - Premium Quality

Metal pens are always a crowd favourite in promo circles due to their versatility, return on investment and long-lasting use.  The options you see here offer exceptional quality of both the pen and ink providing many options that will work wonders for your brand.  Take a look around at your desk, chances are you have at least one, or like many of the team in the office here 10.  Pens are great to use every day and are so popular in the marketing promotional space for a reason.  A tangible representation of your brand is something that cannot be replaced.

Fun Pen Fact

Did you know that the act of physically writing something down has strong evidence that suggests it helps with recall and remembering?  So if you have something you want to remember ditch the laptop and go for the traditional notebook and pens.  

Why choose custom metal pens?

  • Long useful life
  • Versatile in uses as either a giveaway or gift
  • Beautiful presentation.  Many premium pen options come with a gift box as standard or have the 

How can metal pens be logo decorated?

Our first and foremost suggestion for a premium metal pen is always a premium laser engraving decoration.  It suits the look and will last for the entire lifetime of the pen.  If you absolutely must, print is also available for many of the pens but may fade or wear off over time.  So we always suggest going for a laser engraving first and foremost.

Each pen can be custom decorated with your logo to create a fine corporate gift for valued clients or staff.  Just request a quote and send your artwork and we will handle the rest!

Getting your order underway for some quality branded metal pens is easy.  Give us a call on 1300 303 717 (we are waiting) or shoot us a message on the LiveChat and we'll answer any and all of your questions.  Get started on creating your own metal pens today.