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Branded KeepCups

Branded Keep Cups are an Australian favourite for re-usable coffee cups.  They are a recognised retail brand and feature a custom print of your logo on the band or cup.  Help reduce waste and market at the same time.  Select colours that best compliment your organisation.

Custom Keep Cups - Branded With Your Logo

Corporate branded Keep Cups are a fantastic way to spread your marketing message in a way that the planet also benefits.  Your logo is custom printed on the band or cup itself for instant recognition when the owner is out enjoying their morning coffee and it can be customised to suit your corporate colours or colour scheme.  Please note when ordering custom Keep Cups the logo and starburst always appear debossed on the bands.  There are many styles of Keep Cup that you can have custom branded including the original, clear original, brew, brew cork edition and long play all available in a variety of sizes.  Let us know which style you like best.

The company Keep Cup started in Melbourne by a couple who owned a cafe and saw the impact single-use disposable cups were playing on the environment and began looking for solutions.  As most coffee cups are made with a polyethylene liner they are non-recyclable and would end up in landfill which of course is not ideal.  In 2007 they created their own reusable coffee cup, made better for enjoying coffee on the go that would also work for baristas.  Since then the movement has grown and is now sold in more than 65 countries around the world.  The retail recognition and quality associated make them an effective corporate gift for any coffee lover.

The demand for Keep Cups really kicked off after ABC's airing for the "War on Waste" episode covering disposable coffee cups.  It really opened the eyes of a lot of Aussies and caused many to make the eco-friendly switch, sales enquiries having risen by 690% and sales by over 400% by some reports.  It's estimated that Australian's go through a whopping 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year.  Fortunately, many more are starting to make the swap to re-usable and this number is reducing.  Did you know it's estimated a re-usable coffee cup reaches breaks-even for energy output at around 17 uses (depending on the material) and any point past this point is beneficial to the environment?  A very easy target to reach.

Another perk a promotional reusable keep cup offers is the discounts you will receive at some participating cafes.  Located in many cities with more and more cafes joining every day.  It's a win-win for everyone and means that your branded keep cup is very likely to be frequently used increasing branding impressions and placing your brand in a positive "eco-conscious" light.

Ordering Promotional Keep Cups

We are a distributor of Keep Cups and can assist you with ordering your very own branded Keep Cups.  We also have many other promotional reusable coffee cup options available that are designed specifically for promotional purposes at a variety of price points.  Have any of your questions answered or get the ball rolling by calling us on 1300 303 717 and a promotional product expert can assist!  Alternatively, message us on LiveChat or use our contact us page.