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Beauty & Pamper Products

Promotional beauty products and pamper products help to keep the user looking their best.  Company logo branded they're an excellent opportunity to target specific demographics that may use your products or services such as beauty salons, spas or as a corporate gift.

Promotional Beauty Products and Pamper Products

Custom Beauty products keep you looking and feeling your best.  They're an excellent way to target a specific demographic and advertise your brand in a way that works.  The way you present yourself says a lot about your work ethic and maybe even more importantly may actually give the impression that you are smarter/better at your job.  This is known as the halo effect which is a cognitive bias we have towards "attractive" people which infers that having a positive trait such as being physically attractive confers to having other positive traits such as intelligence etc.  Just another reason to ensure you present yourself in the best light.

Branding these products with a company logo means that your business will be top of mind whenever the product is used.  Just consider how many items you have in your bag or at home in the bathroom that could be used to advertise.  Whether it's products that help with personal grooming or items to "pamper" and relax they're a thoughtful gift that sometimes someone won't buy for themselves.  Promotional beauty products like these can set you apart from the rest and make a difference when your target customer goes to make a purchase decision.  Great for beauty salons, cosmetic stores, spa therapy businesses, nail salons and more.

We offer a great selection of logo branded beauty products and pamper products including nail clippers, nail files, compact mirrors, bath bombs, manicure sets and more.  All logo branded with a print or laser engraving ready to be given away.

Branded Nail Files With Logo Print

Promotional nail files are an excellent giveaway to promote.  Not only are they low-cost per unit, but they're also compact enough so they can be easily be mailed out to potential clients or easily given away at events or conferences.  They also offer a large flat space to brand your logo.  Available in many colours and with the option of a full-colour print or single colour print you can easily find something that compliments your brand nicely.

Ready to get your order underway for promotional beauty products?  Give us a call on 1300 303 717 or contact us on LiveChat or via email and we can provide instant assistance.  We are ready and waiting to help.