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Enviro Clothing

Promotional environmentally friendly clothing is wearable branding that makes a difference.  Made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or cotton these options are ethically produced both environmentally and with workers rights.  Featuring a large print space for your logo or branding message.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Clothing and Fair Trade Clothing

It's no secret that "fast fashion" and careless environmental practices can have a detriment to not only workers in which the country is produced but also the entire world.  The apparel pieces you find in this gallery offer superior compliance of either ethical worker treatment or environmental practices and are designed to last and not just be used once.

All of the Eco-Friendly clothing you see is custom printed with your design, message and logo.  Creating a long-lasting advertisement for your brand and a "walking billboard" that your target market will love to receive.  Combine this with sending a "green" message and telling the recipients the t-shirt or clothing they're receiving is sustainably sourced or made from eco-friendly materials and your brand will be seen in a hugely positive light.

Promotional sustainable clothing also offers superior social responsibility in which they strictly adhere to a variety of practices such as no child or involuntary labour, nondiscrimination in hiring and safety control.  Examples of organisations that regulate these standards include OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Amfori, BSCI and more.

To get your order started on Promotional Eco Friendly Clothing call us on 1300 303 717 or contact us on LiveChat or any of our social media channels.  We look forward to creating a "green" apparel range that you can be proud of!