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Eco Notepads & Notebooks

Promotional eco notepads are usually made from recycled paper or cardboard.  They are a responsible way to promote and offer a large decoration space for a custom logo to be prominently displayed.  A must-have at conventions, in the office or for students.

Promotional Eco Notepads and Eco Notebooks - Recycled

Recycled promotional notepads and notebooks are an excellent way to draw attention to your brand while making a positive choice towards the environment.  Many of the options you find here will either utilise a recycled front cover or all pages recycled.  They also feature a high-quality print on the cover in either spot colours or full-colour prints.

Great for universities, schools, government agencies as well as general promotions a notebook or notepad is a useful way to write down all of your important ideas, notes or writings.  Everyone should have a notepad handy somewhere even in the age of the laptop and mobile phone.  There's something just satisfying about putting pen to paper.  Not to mention the benefits science has found to improved memory recall on written vs typed notes.  This simple change could make a huge difference in your studies and academic performance.

Give out a recycled notepad at your next conferences so attendees can take down notes while they are in the audience.  Alternatively, they work great as a giveaway item that not only promotes your brand but the planet as well.