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Value Plastic Pens

Value oriented promotional plastic pens are an incredible way to get your logo into prospective clients and customers hands, think business cards but better!  They're incredibly useful at tradeshows, conferences and events with practicality to boot.  

Printed Plastic Pens - Featuring Your Custom Logo

Pen buyers should take note:

    • High quality branded pens say a lot about your business
    • Our low prices don't mean low quality
    • Dealing with one account manager makes buying easy

How do Printed Pens work?

Ahh.....that's a technical question! Thankfully we don't get asked that very often but suffice to say, they just do. Whilst they can help with doodling and signing important documents, they also offer:- Instant Attractions - with a massive range of attractive colours and printing opportunities, you'll be sure to gain attention. Low Prices- very low cost per impression (that just means a big bang for your bucks). Big Time Branding - whack you logo on and ship 'em out the door in bulk, they're a great splatter marketing tool. Great Giveaways - They're functional and always in demand - let's face it, how often in the last week have you scrounged around for a pen?! The take-up rate is always high.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717 

An Industry 1st!

With over fifteen years experience selling promotional pens to Australian businesses small and large, we've developed a coveted reputation as a preferred supplier we're the first stop for thousands of companies like; Westfield, Radisson, NRMA, DELL and Heinz. You'll recognise these brands as stalwarts of Australian industry and they've made themselves so by closely developing their name and corporate message - in this site, you'll find Custom Printed Plastic Pens that will help spread your message too.

NO SETUP COSTS here! - Call it madness or astute business acumen but we simply don't charge setup costs. Goodness knows how we make our bottom line but everyone gets paid every week and there's still enough left over to pay for Xmas lunch!

*** After browsing through our site and imagining which Promotional Pens might suit your needs, please call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on a product page) - and a member of our team will help with the rest***

Corporate Plastic Pens - excellent value

There are three things you must consider:

    • Quality
    • Courtesy
    • Price

Firstly, you may see lower cost pens out there but don't be fooled.  Cheaper is not always better!  Remember these pens are representing your brand and if you're handing them out they will directly impact your customer's impression of your brand.  Why would you want to be associated with a poor quality pen that doesn't work?  We frankly won't even offer these pens because we know you won't be happy and deserve better.  Don't get caught out.

Secondly, we know from bitter experience how awful it is to be treated shabbily by a supplier and it's a growing trend we're NOT going to offer in return. All our staff are well adjusted and get a good night's sleep before hitting the phones. If they don't, we G them up on caffeine!

Finally, we believe in the Aussie ideal of a fair deal. We won't charge you set up costs or sneakily load add them onto products prices. We know you'll rightly compare prices - in fact, we encourage you to do so cause you'll bounce right back to us (bookmark this page for a "told you so!").

In summary; Our caffeinated G'd up staff will hang on your every word as you scoop up massive quality bargains when buying Customised Promotional Pens! When you're ready to make this all a reality - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and we'll start caffeinating a team member in preparation.