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BBQ & Picnic

Promotional BBQ and picnic products are Aussie favourites that nearly everyone can get behind.  Add your logo and you have the recipe for a memorable gift.  Snags, steaks, veggies or whatever your preference these BBQ products will fit nicely.

Promotional BBQ & Picnic Products - keep your logo hot!

Buyers of outdoor bbq items and picnic related goods need to take stock of the following:

  • If it's things to cook food, don't skimp on quality
  • Don't expect to pay ridiculously high prices here
  • Expect account managers who know a banger from a snag 

Why choose Logo Products?

BBQ items make savvy business sense because they offer the following benefits:- Great Gifts - BBQs are times when Australians relax and have fun - be part of that association. Gimme Gimme- you'll find outstretched hands when you start dishing out these Branded BBQ Products. Best to enter them into your office inventory - they can go missing! Functionality - when barbequing you need items like tongs, scrapers, holdalls, aprons, hats and general knickknacks so these items are always in demand.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

BBQ Stoppers

These stoppers don't end yet, we've been selling all kinds of Personalised BBQ Products to the great Australian population through their congenial agents, the great Australian business community. Organisations like; The Cancer Council, Delfin, CIT, Elders and Virgin Blue. These folks have recognised it's more than just throwing a shrimp on the barbie and logo products such as printed Aprons and BBQ cleaning and serving sets are a big Aussie favourite. When people are relaxing and having a bit of a laugh, who better to be there in the thick of the action than your company logo!

SET UP COSTS - NEGATORY - that's geek-speak for "no" and we never charge you set up costs on our products. Before you assume we've bumped up our prices to accommodate them, compare the quality and price of what you see here with elsewhere...Oh, you're back so soon!

*** To start cooking up a storm with Promotional BBQ Products, call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - we'll advise on how best to choose logo products.***

BBQ Outdoor Products - Givetastic Value!

If you're going to give any BBQ paraphernalia, you'll expect a deal which offers:

    • Quality that doesn't fade or crack
    • A courteous transaction
    • Excellent pricing so you can buy big

Well, we want all of the above too and have decided to lead by example! Firstly, the Custom Printed Promotional BBQ Products on this site are always the best quality and value on the net and probably the country. We demand this of the companies we deal with and you reap the benefits.

Secondly, we believe that you should be treated with the same level of courtesy you expect. Our account managers pride themselves in being delightful and efficient - give them a try!

Finally, you don't usually get excellent quality goods and service at a low price....unless you land here. you'll find our pricing policy of being the country's most competitive, is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Recapping; we only sell the best quality Promotional BBQ Products at the lowest prices and we even do it with a smile on our faces! There are loads of great bargains to be had through these Customised Promo BBQ Product pages so when you're finished browsing - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - we'll take pride in helping you further.