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Premium Plastic Pens

Premium promotional plastic pens are custom branded with your company logo for long term marketing impressions.  Their quality and styles make them the first choice when the recipient will reach for a pen ensuring your logo is top of mind.

Premium Promotional Plastic Pens - Custom Printed

The plastic pen is the undeniable king of Promo and has been around since day dot.  Fortunately, since then print process technology has been improving and there's a tonne of new designs and decorations available such as an unlimited colour maxiCOLOUR print.  The humble promotional pen has always triumphed in the battle for marketing your brand.  In this gallery, you'll find all of our premium options with exciting possibilities.  Some will illuminate, others will have a custom moulded clip or stunning designs that stand out from the crowd.  Explore and let us know what you like.

When shopping for a promotional pen there are a few things to consider and look out for.  Take special note of whether the pen utilises a tungsten carbide nib, what ink capacity the pen has, what colour the ink is and what quality the ink is.  This will ensure you can compare options more easily and get the best value for money.

Why choose printed pens to market your brand?

So what makes logo branded pens such a popular choice?  Well, there are 3 main draws:

  • Low cost per unit, perfect for giveaways and trade shows.
  • They're practical and used by nearly everyone.  There's no point giving a business card that will never be seen again! 
  • Customisation possibilities.  Plastic pens come in a bunch of colours and designs so you can easily find something that you know your target market will want to get their hands on.

Most of the Promotional Pens you see here are printed right here in Australia so they can be decorated and shipped to you ASAP with many options available on a 48-hour turnaround service to meet even the tightest deadlines.  If you have a tight deadline and need some logo pens give us a call on 1300 303 717 and tell us your situation, we will bend over backwards to get it done.  We can also answer any of your questions on LiveChat or get your order underway.  Get in touch with us now!