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Corporate Diaries

Corporate diaries allow you to keep up with the crazy that is the day-to-day.  Each diary is custom branded with your company logo, making them an invaluable corporate gift that will be greeted with positivity.  Available with page to a view or week to a view options.

Customised Promotional Corporate Diaries

There's a reason the term "dear diary" is so well known, the diary is something that everyone currently or at one point owned.  A corporate diary is not just a channel for therapeutic writing, it provides structure and control over the limited hours you have in your day.  Planning will allow you to be most efficient so that when you finish the day you're satisfied and ready to take on tomorrow! All of the diaries you see here are customised to include your company logo, paying nothing for setup.  Buying in bulk you will also save big.  This keeps your logo at top of mind and makes your gift something personal that will be remembered.

But you may ask, what about smartphones and computers, I can just use those?  Well in response to that I would tell you that studies suggest that writing down information actually increases the likelihood you will remember it.  Plus there's nothing that can replace the satisfying feeling of having a good old pen and diary handy to keep you organised.  Corporate diaries are not just for professionals, they can also function as a sales diary, student diary or calendar organisation for your social life.  It's for these reasons the diary is still an attractive corporate gift idea for the end of the year.

We suggest organising your order for corporate diaries as soon as you can as they can sometimes take a while to produce.  We offer diaries for 2020, 2021 and onwards all customised with your logo with customised pages and dates.  Most of the corporate diaries we offer contain all of the national holidays and local milestones (intended for Australian use).

There's a variety of design options available for custom diaries but the two most common are Page to a view (day to a page) which means that there is one page dedicated to each day.  Or Week to a view which displays the week on a double-page spread.  The big difference is how much space will be available on each.  If you need more space for each day a page to a view should be the go-to choice.

For advice, suggestions or to have any other questions answered call us on 1300 303 717 and we can assist!  Get your branded corporate diaries for the new year here at Budget Promotion.