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Lens Cloths

Promotional lens cloths are used to clean and remove smudges from reading glasses, mobile phones and other devices with a screen or lens.  They are custom printed, usually via a sublimation print for advertising and marketing purposes and given away to potential or existing customers.

Promotional Lens Cloths - Logo Printed

Promotional lens cloths have always been a big hit with Aussies.  We all have at least one pair of sunnies or reading glasses that have handy throughout the day.  Smudges and dust can impair vision and potentially cause damage to your lenses over time so it's always good practice to keep them clean with a microfibre cloth.  Nowadays everyone also has a smartphone or other devices that utilise touch support handy which makes branded lens cloths now even more practical than ever!  Right now if you look at your phone on an angle, chances are you can see at least a couple of smudges and fingerprints left behind from use.  Having a lens cloth on your desk for a quick wipe down ensures your phone stays looking awesome and scratch-free!

There are many different types of promotional microfibre lens cloths available.  Most common cloths you will find are in a square or rectangular shape with a custom sublimation print directly onto the lens cloth.  They may have smooth edges but are most commonly available with zig-zag cut edges, which gives them an interesting look and means the cloth will last longer due to minimised damage from fraying. We also now offer eco-friendly lens cloths that are made from recycled PET (the material plastic bottles are made from).

Most branded lens cloths are decorated using a sublimation print directly onto the cloth itself but if you need them express can also be printed on the case, we have a variety of solutions.  Just let us know when your deadline is!  When ordering with Budget Promotion you also receive complimentary artwork assistance, to ensure your logo looks the best it can.

Have your questions answered by a promo expert now.  Call us on 1300 303 717 and we can assist.  We can also help you get your order started for custom lens cloths!

Use Branded Lens Cloths to Market Your Organisation

Branded lens cloths have long been an effective marketing tool and that's not changing any time soon.  They're lightweight, practical, great value and useable by any target demographic.

There's a bunch of successful ways you can market your company with printed lens cloths, here's just a few:

Give them away at an eventEveryone loves a good freebie (especially when it's practical).  Using these at your event will increase recall and help generate more leads.

Mailout to clients: This may not be as common as it once was.  But maybe that's also an opportunity.  Receiving a letter is much more special and memorable nowadays.  Add in a gift and you have a winning marketing idea.

Gift with purchase: Give away a lens cloth with a new pair of reading glasses, sunnies or an appointment at the optometrist and you instantly put your organisation in a good light.  Everyone loves receiving gifts!  This then increases their satisfaction and likelihood of returning again in the future.  Bonus tip: add your contact details to make it easy to get in contact with you.