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Parker Pens

Custom branded Parker Pens are an excellent gift idea that is each decorated with a print or laser engraving.  The well-recognised British-American manufacturer of luxury pens.

Custom Parker Pens... Australia Wide Service

When shopping for pens do you require:

    • Discounts for your bulk promotional purchase?
    • Fast service - getting your logo or brandmark on the pens with ease?
    • Deal with one person who is dedicated to making a difference?

Branded Pens Australia

We offer the most popular options for pens in Australia - all of these are costed with your logo branding and have the option of a presentation box also.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

An Executive Favourite

Parker is a name generally associated with quality pens and that's the very reason we stock printed or engraved Parker Pens in all their varied styles. We know our valued customers place a high value on them as staff rewards or high-class client gifts, we're talking customers such as; Westfield, VW, Cadbury, Rio Tinto and Chupa Chups. They're successful brands we associate being steadfast and dependable, two of the hallmarks of established companies with pedigree.

Let's establish our golden rule - WE DON'T CHARGE SET UP FEES! - And that's a pretty good thing to shout about....we detest getting to the end of an order only to be slugged with an unexpected charge...so we don't do it. And you won't find them sneakily added as a separate cost on the pricing you see.

***Have a leisurely browse through the Custom Parker Pens on this page and when something takes your fancy and you can imagine your logo or brand message discretely adorning it, call 1300 303 717 or you can email to speed things up immeasurably, try our "fast quote" which you'll find on the specific products page - and lo and behold, we'll have you done and dusted and on your merry way!***

I'm only giving pens to clients, so why quality Corporate Pens?

You know the old adage, "if something's worth doing, it's worth doing right"? Well, that's no truer than when you're trying to demonstrate how well you regard someone or value their custom. Giving an amazingly finished Promotional Pen that one might normally associate with a Christmas or Birthday present really says something. So let's summarise those benefits: Meaningful Gifts - we guarantee your recipients will recognise and value a Company Parker Pen, Australia wide - a no brainer really. High Value - no doubt about it, Parker Pens are up there with Jaguar Cars, Burberry and Chivas Regal. Discrete Branding - there are some circumstances where a fluro plastic pen just doesn't cut it, similarly a bold as brass logo is garish, Printed Parker Pens are the ideal containers to subtly communicate the quality and uniqueness of your company of club.

Parker Pens Australia

As a discerning buyer of quality pens, you seek:

    • The highest standards of workmanship
    • A preferential customer buying experience
    • Prices that won't take your breath away

We share all of the above with you. We partner with Parker because their high quality ensures we deliver a top product every time. Our order and sales service are honed to perfecting so buying from Budget Promotion is a dream. And lastly, we keep a keen eye on industry prices with an aim to be the most cost-effective, period.

In summary; Our welcome promise to you is a leading branded pen, exquisitely branded at industry-beating prices. If you'd like to proceed with an order of exquisite Parker Pens - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and we'll take it from there.