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Mouse Mats

A promotional mouse mat, also known as a mouse pad has two purposes.  It offers enhanced usability and control over a computer mouse, providing a smooth flat surface.  It also acts as an advertising tool featuring a custom print usually of a company logo.

Promotional Mouse Mats - best value guaranteed!

Buying these perennial desk items is simple but there are a few considerations we've already thought of:

  • Great quality always lasts
  • Fantastic prices sweeten any deal
  • Sensational customer service can make your day

Why Give Mouse Pads?

Items such as mouse mats are ideal because they offer:- Branding - a big print area that sits on your staff or client's desks is a pretty effective piece of real estate. Give Them Away - portability and mailable sizes mean you can whisk these things around the country easily. A Purpose - trust us, Branded Mouse Pads get used, whether at the office or at home. We all have PCs and even if the mat ends up being used for the kid's computer, you'll be remembered as the folks who solved a parent's problem...

Check out our 'Value Plus' mats - we will not be beaten on price!

Essential Partner

Over the last ten years and a bit, we've been an essential promotional partner to some of Australia's biggest and most respected companies including; RTA, Panasonic, IPA Australia, Redland and Toyota. Custom Printed Mouse Mats and mouse pads are almost standard office equipment - but these days, who want's "standard" when you can easily have "unique"! The level of customisation on offer here will change your perception of Promotional Mouse Mats forever!

SACK SET UP COSTS! - That's our policy and hence, you won't find them listed on this website. The price quoted for each product INCLUDES set up charges!

*** Go for your life as you browse this site, wear out your present mouse mat (cause we know you'll grab a sample of these little beauties when they come in!) then call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - and we'll guide you through the rest of the process.***

Corporate Mouse Pads - Excellent Value

Buyers of mouse mats have three criteria:

    • They only want to buy high quality, durable mouse mats
    • They want a service that is quick and efficient
    • And, they don't want to pay big prices for everyday items

We agree on all three and have built them into our KPIs. Firstly, we only trade with factories who produce and print Promotional Mouse Mats of the highest quality.

When you call to place an order or talk about a product, we find the most appropriate staff member to singly attend to your needs.

Finally, the cost is just as important to us and we realise you have a budget to balance. So, you'll find only the sharpest of prices on our products.

Remember; we've done all the hard work in securing top quality mouse pads and sell them at low prices. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff compliment the above. Proceeding with an order or enquiry couldn't be simpler - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - we'll be happy to hear from you.