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Hand Sanitisers

Promotional hand sanitisers are a liquid or gel that is used to kill and reduce infectious agents on the hands.  They are usually alcohol-based, are quick to use and require no water to be effective.  Branded hand sanitisers are custom decorated with a full-colour sticker or a print directly onto the bottle.

Promotional Hand Sanitisers Australia

Keeping your family, customers and staff protected.  Promotional hand sanitisers are an excellent bulk giveaway product to have branded with your logo.  We at Budget Promotion offer some of the best value hand sanitisers available with most being primarily alcohol-based with concentrations between 65% and 75%.

Branded hand sanitisers are most effective during flu season when there is a heightened chance of coming into contact with illnesses.  Ethanol (alcohol)destroys disease-causing agents, or pathogens by breaking apart proteins and splitting the cells into pieces or disrupting a cell's metabolism.

They are most frequently used at events, conferences or trade shows where there is a large number of people and many hands to shake.  Logo hand sanitisers are commonly added to event survival kits or simply given on entry at the door.  They are customised with either a direct print on the bottle itself or more commonly decorated with a full-colour sticker which contains your logo as well as other relevant information.

What Branded Hand Sanitiser Sizes are available?

Branded hand sanitisers are available in a variety of sizes with options that are made in Australia or factory direct options from overseas for big savings.  The most commonly sold sizes are 30mL or 60mL but with the recent higher demand it's not uncommon to use 300mL, 500mL or even 1L bottles.  The best option will depend on the intended use and the frequency of use.