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Polo Shirts

Embroidered polo shirts keep your team looking smart and presentable while communicating a unified message.  An excellent addition to any work uniform that can be worn year-round.  Each polo is custom decorated with your business logo for tax and marketing benefits.

Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts - will look great with your logo

If you are in the market for a polo Shirt there are some questions that you may want to ask:-

  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a quality shirt and great logo embroider?
  • Do you want free set-up for your logo or brand artwork without any hidden costs?
  • Do you want a straightforward order process whilst dealing with a real person?

Why buy Polo Shirts for your company?

There are many reasons for buying a good quality Branded Polo Shirts from us. Here are a few reasons:- Value for Money - our mix of product quality, low pricing and customer service make our shirts great value. Staff Unity - having all of your staff in the same Shirts will create a feeling that everyone is equal in the organisation. More Productive - when you are dressed professionally you are more likely to be an engaged and productive team member. Brand Building - having a unified look through wearing Promo Shirts will make staff readily identifiable to customers, it will also get your brand identity into customer heads - again and again!

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

A trusted supplier

We have been supplying a quality range of Shirts embroidered with client logos for many years so are well placed to help you. We are experts in branding many different Promotional Products types, some brands you may recognise that we have worked for are: Qantas, Heinz, Greenpeace, EB Games and Dell. . These companies recognise that there are many benefits in using products like Polo Shirts featuring their logo embroidery such as increasing brand awareness and staff unity - you can read some more of these reasons below the product images!

ABOUT FREE SET UP - If you are shopping for the best value option please consider when comparing pricing that we ALWAYS include all relevant set up charges in prices you see on our web site - we value your time and respect it by supplying you one easy to understand cost upfront - no hidden extras!

*** After looking at our Polo Shirts below please call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - we are here to answer your questions and help make your order easy ***

Corporate Polo Shirts - Our Custom Value

To make our shirts great value we have assumed:

    • You are only interested in great quality longer-lasting Embroidered Polo Shirts
    • You need hassle-free customer service and ordering with a dedicated Account Manager
    • You want a good price, but also expect exceptional quality
    • We are focused on providing the best value Promotional Custom Polo Shirts in Australia. First of all, we carefully select shirts that come from only quality factories. A quality garment quite simply last longer and looks better which provides you with a longer-lasting more effective promotion.

Secondly, we make the ordering process as straightforward as possible for you with our great customer service. We recognise that you are busy and need a supplier who manages the job for you in the agreed timeframe and with courtesy for free!

Lastly, we use our negotiating power to buy at low prices (this allows us to sell for less) we then price check against our leading competitor's similar products and make our prices lower if required.

So remember!: if you are looking for a polo shirt that will make your staff look great - custom or embroidered we are here to help, we have low minimum quantities and a can-do attitude. You can contact us in three main ways - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - we look forward to assisting you further.