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Fidget Toys

Promotional fidget spinners and toys are objects designed to help with focus and reduce stress.  They are custom printed with a business logo and given away as a low-cost advertising tool that's suitable for all ages to increase brand recall and impressions.

Promotional Fidget Spinners - Custom Printed

The biggest craze since sliced bread.  Promotional fidget spinners are a bizarre and therapeutic toy that may also help with focus and concentration.  They have a similar look to a tri boomerang and function by placing your thumb and middle finger on the centre and then flicking the spinner which then causes it to spin.  What makes fidget spinners so cool is the long period of time they can spin for.  What makes them spin for so long you ask?  Well, the secret is ball bearings.  Each of the three arms of a fidget spinner has a ring of ball bearings (or weight) that race around and by holding the centre and adding a quick flick will cause the spinner to go for an extended period due to lower friction these ball bearings have.    You can read more in detail about how they work here.

They are said to potentially help with the treatment of ADHD, anxiety and autism but the verdict is not out yet.  One thing's for certain though is their relaxing and enjoyable playability.  Spinning the spinner produces a euphoric sensation that can't easily be described.  We suggest you get a sample and try it out!  

Your logo is usually printed on the centre of the fidget spinner or on a case.  Using a pad print (spot colours) or a direct digital print which will allow you to print in unlimited colours with high definition.  They're great for events, giveaways, conferences and although aimed usually at a younger demographic also work well for adults.

What types of promotional fidget toys are available?

We've all heard about the fidget spinner.  But what about the fidget pen, bottle opener and fidget cube?  These fun promotional toys are a memorable way to get your organisation at the top of mind. 

Do you have a question about fidget toys or are ready to get your logo printed on some? Give us a call on 1300 303 717 and talk to a real person who can provide immediate assistance!  We look forward to helping.