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Fridge Magnets

Promotional magnets are a low-cost advertising tool that is custom-printed, usually with a logo and contact details for marketing purposes.  They work via a magnetic field and will stick to most metal objects such as fridges or filing cabinets.  

Promotional Magnets - superb value

Before you get stuck on magnets, consider the following:

  • Only buy top Quality
  • Don't pay ridiculous prices
  • Expect great customer service

Why buy Fridge Magnets?

There are loads of reasons why you would buy magnets including:- Super Value - our range has such a variety of Custom Magnets all at low industry prices - you'll be spoiled for choice and be pleasantly surprised on price. Great Takeup - if you're offering a service, these quick reminders will adorn fridges the length and breadth of the country. Brand Magnets - excuse the pun but the glossy, high contrast print on our Branded Magnets draws great attention. They stand out well against a white fridge or the black or grey of a PC. Great Giveaways - meet potential customers at trade fairs, events and conferences and hand these puppies out like sweets, use them as business cards and they won't languish in the back of a wallet or desk drawer. People almost feel compelled to "test' the magnet or to hold a document against the office fridge door!

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Big Supplier

Promotional Magnets have adorned fridges and computers alike for many years and we've been supplying Australians with them in truckloads. Organisations like: Toyota, Ray White, Coles, Virgin Blue and Heinz. It's obvious promotional items add value to their marketing campaigns and work well for them so we've drummed up a few reasons of our own and listed them throughout the magnets' product pages.

NO SETUP CHARGES! - we won't veil or guard or hide set up charges from you except to say "there are NO SET UP CHARGES!".

*** When you'd like to place an order for Custom Promotional Fridge Magnets, call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - and well be happy to help.***

Corporate Magnets - leading value

To make buying magnets attractive, we have assumed:

    • You only want to buy top quality Customised Magnets - no "buts"
    • The deals have to be brokered by a single team member
    • Although quality is important, it should be compromised by low price
    • Firstly, we only deal with reputable factories who manufacture first quality magnets. Our order with them is dependent on the supply of consistently above merchantable stock.

Then as a measure of good faith in our ongoing relationship, we assign one team member to look after you. It speeds up the process for both of us and you'll have the confidence in knowing your contact is only a phone call away.

Finally, our prices as pretty much sub-zero; we sell in bulk and make such savings that we can make the prices you pay incredibly low. Our competitors hate it but you'll love it.

In summary; we do all the hard work securing low cost, high quality Branded Promotional Magnets. All you have to do is choose shape, colour and print options - easy. We're contactable in one of three ways - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - whichever way you contact us, you'll be assured of a great service!.