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Eco Hats & Caps

Caps that are kind to the planet and kind to your marketing.  These promotional eco caps are made from recycled materials such as PET and then branded with your logo with a high-quality embroidery or print.

Promotional Eco Friendly Caps and Headwear

Promotional Eco Friendly Caps also known as "green" caps are an effective way to promote in a responsible, sustainable way and captivate your target audience.  More and more Australian's are beginning to understand the importance of choices we as individuals make and even more so the companies we would like to support and their impact towards the planet.  Presenting your organisation as one that is socially and environmentally responsible is now a win-win for everyone.  This mentality can also be applied to promotional products, choosing sustainable and eco products now being on the rise in popularity.

Using a branded eco cap offers a targeted way to generate impressions for your brand.  They're great as a general giveaway item for events, apart of a merchandise range or can even be used as an addition to a uniform.  The possibilities are great as well as the effectiveness.  Studies have shown that one of the first places people look will be the face and keep their attention there.  This means that whenever someone is wearing this cap it's going to be seen and noticed.  That's one of the reasons why a promotional eco cap is such a good option, and arguably better than a promotional tee.  A promotional cap will also provide some sun safety and function as an attractive fashion addition that's useable year-round. 

There are a variety of ways a cap can be "eco-friendly" but the most common will be the material the cap is made from.  There are many recycled material caps can be made from, one of the most notable being PET.  Which is the material single-use plastic water bottles and soft drink bottles are made from and also one of the worst polluting plastics on the planet.  So using this recycled material is a very sustainable practice.  Organic cotton is also another material that is commonly used for Eco caps.  Organic cotton is very sustainable and uses less water than alternatives.  It also does not use any or a large number of pesticides which is better for not only other farmers but the consumer and wildlife eco-systems.

Have a question or are ready to get your order for Printed Eco-Friendly Caps underway?  Call us on 1300 303 717 or use any of our other communication channels.  We have promo professors waiting to help!  We look forward to helping you further.