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Promotional calendars are a chart that displays all of the days and months in a year.  They are an organisational tool for listing birthdays, holidays and other important dates.  They are custom printed with a business logo or design for marketing and brand recall purposes.

Promotional Business Calendars Australia

Calendars are such an important part of everyone's life, to ensure we have a plan in place and don't forget important dates or events such as grandma's birthday.  In fact, you probably have in your calendar right now to buy some promotional products.  Sound about right?  Well, it's this practicality combined with the fact that they're going to get looked at each and every day that makes them such an effective marketing tool.  All of the branded calendars we offer are reasonably priced with buy in bulk savings.

People from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the rest of Australia are missing appointments, Birthdays and anniversaries each and every day.  It's a travesty!  Marketing will be your primary goal but the bonus benefit of ensuring the recipients do not suffer an onslaught of abuse after missing these dates is another bonus.

Promotional Wall Calendars

One of the most popular forms of custom calendars, the wall calendar can be customised to include your company logo, business name, brand message and contact information.  So that each day when they're viewed will both consciously and sub-consciously be exposed to your brand and more likely to use your business going forward.  And if they need to get in contact with you, can easily find your number.

Branded Desk Calendars and Pocket Calendars

Perhaps you are after something that doesn't need a wall?  A desk calendar or pocket calendar are both excellent options.  And can be used by anyone that has a desk so even if you don't have a wall adjacent to your desk will sit nicely.  This has become more and more practical with open workspaces now becoming more common.

Get your order for custom calendars underway today (don't miss your deadline).  Call us on 1300 303 717 for instant assistance!  We look forward to helping you kick off the new years with a bang!