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Face Masks

Help stop the spread of germs and keep your staff and customers safe while they return to work, school and the new normal with branded face masks.  They're also a great opportunity to market your brand in a practical way.

Branded Face Masks - Logo Printed

With the guidelines for mask-wearing in Australia ever evolving it's a good practice to always have one handy just in case.  It's also an excellent opportunity to market your brand, the face is the location where everyone will be looking when interacting or communicating so it's guaranteed to generate a large number of impressions.  Whether it's the office, school, shops or out and about there are options for both adults and children.

The promotional face masks we supply are intended for non-medical use and the majority can be reused after they have been washed with warm water and some neutral detergent. Giving them a long useful life and being a great substitute for single-use masks.

Wearing a face mask properly is easy once you get the hang of it.  The first step is to work out which way the mask should be facing, this can be done by looking at the print and then aligning it correctly or feeling for a wire that is used to contour to the nose, this is going to be the top of the mask.  Then with both hands take the ear loops and place them over your ears and adjust the face mask so it comfortably covers the nose, mouth and chin.  You can then 

When choosing a face mask it's important to consider 3 factors.  How many ply (layers) does the mask have, how comfortable the mask is to wear and how it's going to display your logo.  Considering all of these insures you're going to have a great product that people will love to receive.