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Piggy Banks

Want to promote savings and your business?  Custom piggy banks allow you to give a responsible gift that stores coins and other cash.  They are custom printed for marketing purposes and are great for banks, insurance agencies and other organisations associated with savings.

Promotional Piggy Banks - Corporate Branded

Promotional Piggy Banks, also known as a "money box" or a "penny bank" is a fun way to get your logo noticed and promote personal savings.  They're usually shaped like a pig and made from plastic but now come in many shapes and materials, also being available custom made with a design of your choosing.  The branded piggy banks in this category all include a print of your logo so when they are given away act as an advertisement for your brand.  A piggy bank is used to store coins/other small savings and usually used by a younger demographic to encourage healthy saving habits with a small slit on the top of the pigs back usually.

Piggy banks are great for marketing due to their low-cost and their mental association with savings and money.  Making them extremely popular for the financial industry, banks and even schools/kindergartens.  Give them away when someone opens an account or to students to encourage them to have a positive impression of your company.

It's thought that the term "piggy bank" originated from Pygg which was a low-cost clay that was commonly used during the middle ages.  This clay was then made to store money in the form of pygg pots or pygg jars.  By the 18th century, the Pig Jar evolved into the pig bank and eventually the piggy bank.