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Desk Items

Promotional desk items are custom branded products that are normally used or stored on a desk.  Usually given as a gift or a giveaway they are always within arms reach making them extremely effective.  Common decoration methods include printing, laser engraving or full-colour printing.

Promotional Desk Items across the Board

If you are charged with buying desk items for your company or as a corporate gift:

  • You are only interested in high quality which backs you up
  • You need to meet a tight budget or it's your neck on the line
  • You need advice on what's available and how to brand

Who buys Desk Items these Days?!

Sure we all work mainly online but if Twitter could have made a tangible social media product you could hold in your hand, they would have done it by now! So let's concentrate on all that time when you're NOT staring at your screen (and given the average office worker behaviour, that's the majority of your working day!). You'll then find that real Custom Desk Items offer:- A Distraction - turn away from your screen once in a while and connect with the real world. Big Time Branding Opportunities - imagine your logo or message within arms reach of your recipients; they can't ignore the subliminal or blatant messages you print on your desk items. Gift Favourites - there is a high perceived value attached to quasi-business products - "great, I'll get some use out of this" or "they must have spent a bit on this calculator ruler" - er, not really!

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

A Sydney Promotional Product Expert

It's true, we're big in Sydney but also the rest of the country and we regularly deal with established Aussie companies like Westfield, Chuppa Chups, NRMA, DELL and Heinz. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...and they don't. Quality items and great prices - there's a winning formula!

LET'S NOT DISCUSS ADD-ON COSTS - for a very good reason and that's because we don't sting you at the checkout. You won't find our prices artificially adjusted to cover those costs either. That's our business and you pay what you see.

*** After you've had a good look at the Promotional Desk Items on this page, call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - and we'll tell you all about how you can customise them for you***

The Value Proposition

We've devised a winning formula in supplying Branded Promotional Desk Items;

    • We only sell the best quality desk items we can find
    • We assign a knowledgeable account manager to you
    • We work hard on presenting the lowest online prices

In the first instance, we're not about to sign off on a truckload of Custom Made Desk Items, Sydney bound if half of it will come back to us. We've heard industry stories of that nature and our policy of only dealing with reputable factories pays dividends.

Secondly, we have folks who know these products and what you can print, emboss or paint on them - you'll be assigned someone who understands your language, it's part of the winning formula.

The last ingredient is a big dose of small prices. We agree low prices on high-quality desk items so you don't have to - this is no pressure-cooker sales environment.

Only great products, at great prices served by a great sales team; that's what works best. Have a look at the products we have on offer and when you feel you've found what you're looking for - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - our team will help you make an informed decision.