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Promotional Aprons may not turn you into the next Master Chief but they are a fun way to market your brand.  Very popular with food and cooking related organisations they are most commonly customised with an embroidery or print of a business logo.

Promotional Branded Aprons - Chef Aprons with Logo

Whether you're a cafe, restaurant or talented home chef, a custom branded apron is a must-have clothing accessory.  Promotional aprons are available in a huge range of styles and colours to fit whatever your logo or industry.  We offer simple coloured aprons that work well for a promotional giveaway or a large group cooking event.  Alternatively, if you're a restaurant/cafe and want hospitality aprons there are many higher quality options with on-trend designs available such as short-waisted, bistro, continental or bib aprons.

An apron's primary use is to protect clothing from spills and also for hygiene purposes, to stop the spread of germs from clothing worn throughout the day.  However, an apron is good for more than just that!  It makes you look more professional and dare we say may even make your food/coffee taste better.  Take careful note next time you're at a cafe or restaurant and consider how much of an impact the simple addition of the humble apron makes on their presentation and appearance.  Aprons also tuck loose clothing which can have safety benefits, especially when working around a stove or are available fitted with handy extras such as pockets for cooking utensils or storing a notepad and pen.

Printed Aprons or Embroidered Aprons - What to choose?

This is a common question many buyers of custom aprons must ask themselves and it all comes down to personal preference and intended use.  Custom printed aprons are usually very cost-effective if you want to get your logo seen from a distance or have an intricate logo.  If you want to go all out, we also offer unlimited full-colour printed aprons that can accommodate any design.  Usually, a print is used for more promotional purposes such as a gift or giveaway.

Alternatively, embroidered aprons offer much more of a premium look usually with a more subtle logo display at a slightly higher price than a print.  Embroidery is very popular for hospitality aprons where it's important to look smart.

Both options, in the end, are great choices but have their pros and cons.  Still not sure what to choose?  Give us a call on 1300 303 717 and tell us your situation and we can provide tailored suggestions to you.

Ordering Promotional Chef Aprons and Hospitality Aprons

Getting your logo on an apron is an exciting prospect.  To get started, browse the range and request a quote on any product page online, alternatively, call us or shoot us a message on LiveChat for instant support.  

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