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Promotional towels are perfect for the beach, pool or gym.  They offer a quick and easy way to dry one's self off and communicate a marketing message at the same time.  They are an excellent gift that will be received with joy.

Promotional Sports Towels and Beach Towels - First Class Softness

When buying a beach and gym accessory such as towels, don't forget the following:

  • A quality towel will reflect your intentions
  • High quality doesn't necessarily mean high prices
  • Your time should be valued by great staff

Why give a Corporate Promotional Gift?

Gifts of items like Branded Towels make good business sense for the following reasons:- Extremely Brandable - for such a portable item beach towels have a massive embroidery area, consider this when browsing these pages Very Popular- whether the recipient is a beachgoer, gym junkie, poolside lizard or just likes a large generous fluffy towel for general use, you'll be amazed at the takeup. Understated - roll it up and it's a towel, roll it out and it's a colourful canvas awash with key messages, images and logos.

Why not call us now? - tell us what you want, where and when: 1300 303 717

Help Relationships

We've been covering Australian's modesty at the beach for more than ten years and in that time, well, we've seen some shocking sights! None more so than how organisations who don't see value in giving a corporate promotional gift, can miss important opportunities to help their relationships. Not like; Stockland, Greenpeace, TAFE, Wesfarmers and AFP. who have been coming back to us for over a decade!

SHOVE YOUR SET UP COSTS!! - we say that in the nicest of ways but in truth, we think companies who charge last-minute costs are on a hiding to nowhere. Our already low prices include any sundries and still win limbo competitions!

*** Dance your way through the Promotional Beach Towel pages then call (1300 303 717), email or request a 'fast quote' (on product page) - trained beach towel experts are ready to take your call.***

Corporate Logo Branded Towels - A Great Value Gift

If you're in the market for towels, you'll probably be looking for:

    • A quality that will stand up to hours under the sun
    • A service that is prompt and quick
    • A price that reflects your budget

Buying a Promotional Beach or sports Towel... or 25 or 250 of them is a smart move given we are girt by sea. Also, given that we have more sunshine than most other countries and we love being outdoors, you need a product that is durable and will last more than one season. The quality of our towels will impress from the moment you rip them out of their packaging and perform your own quality control test!

Then, we are mindful that your time is important and to meet your expectation we put forward one account manager to manage your enquiry. Each time you return to us, you'll find the same helpful staff member.

Lastly, aside from the quality and great service, we ensure the price you pay on this website for a Custom Branded Promotional Towel order is the lowest you will pay for the same quality.

Let's look back on this; the prices you'll pay here are the industry's lowest of quality goods and when you contact us, a single account manager will helpfully and diligently handle your request. Take a look through the items on this page and when you are ready to "press the button" - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - and let us handle it promptly and quickly.