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Custom Stickers

Promotional stickers are custom printed and shaped to a company logo or branding message.  They are a piece of paper, plastic or vinyl that will stick to the surface of an object via adhesive on one side and are primarily used for marketing purposes.

Get busy with Custom Stickers

In a tough economic climate, you need all the help you can get to promote your brand, club or company. We've years of experience helping Aussies achieve this and recognise you're looking for:

  • Great quality products that represent your interests
  • An easy way to choose and buy fantastic goods
  • Help when you need it from folks with experience

Stickers that work for you

Pieces of paper with your logo help to promote your business or organisation are one of the simplest entry points to advertising...Forget the impression they're the preserve of cash strapped, bootstrapping startups, some of Australia's largest companies buy Printed Stickers from us, entities like: Chupa Chups, Coles, Virgin, Rio Tinto and Westfield. It's long been an industry secret that stickers are a cost-effective and worthy way to communicate and reinforce your message.

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Are you kidding, advertising is expensive?!

Sure, if you're planning skywriting or a National TV campaign, then you'll squander your marketing spend in one fell swoop? There's also a good argument for "horses for courses" - advertising a footy match result on stickers is pointless, as is trying to sell the latest flash car ....but there again, if it's a funky new Beetle and you've got a squad of hip young things promoting it at an ageing hippy festival.......a few rolls of Promotional Stickers cost nothing if they help make one sale! Custom Branded Company Stickers essentially offer Value for Money- pound for pound, there's no better way to spend your dollar (or cents). Giveaway Greatness- Personalised Stickers are easy to administer 'would you like a sticker' can be translated into any language, as can "yes please". Common Sense - The flexibility of custom stickers lends them to a multitude of uses at trade shows, conferences, staff days out, school sports days, bucks nights (yes, bucks nights!)...the list is endless.

Print and Stick

It's as easy as that, our team have been advising on this matter for over 10 years and are happy to tell you about:

    • The superlative quality of our print and size options
    • How they'll fast-track your order to meet your deadline
    • The industry-beating prices they'll offer you

On point number one, we only deal with factories who supply Branded Promotional Stickers with premium quality printing that stands the test of time. The adhesive qualities have to match print trueness.

As you're a busy person, we won't dilly dally and cause delays to your order, It's in our interests too in having your Custom Stickers sitting in your intray ASAP.

Finally, quality isn't compromised when we slash prices. That way, you come back again and again (it's a formula which actually works - funny that, huh?).

In summary, custom printed stickers and an extremely effective way to enter the promotions game... It's easy to get started, browse this page then - phone, email or send in a 'fast quote' request - and our team will jump on the case straight away.