Back to the 70s!

Promotional Confectionery – For Lollie Honkers

promotional-confectioneryLet’s take things back to a simpler time and to simple pleasures….and get your mind out of the gutter! I’m travelling way back to my youth and to one thing I was obsessed with. If you zapped me back in time to 1978 and dropped me into a milk bar, chances are I could name each and every lolly in the shop! Fantails, jaffas, minties, cool fruits, milk bottles, snakes, sherbert bombs, chocolate buttons, klinkers, bullets…they’re all there in my mind (or mouth).

Even now, whenever there are lollies in the house, I am prone to misbehaving – we’re talking theft and deception here!

Thing is, I doubt if I’m alone in this malaise and there are plenty of lolly honkers out there craving a fix.

Our range of Promotional Confectionery has been chosen by sugar addicts for sugar addicts…and each is brandable with your company or organisation’s logo and / or message.

It’s a great way of giving the people what they want yet satisfying your need to reward or recognise – being there in the good times can only strengthen your brand or team’s spirit.