A Moment on Your Lips…

Promotional Lipbalm – Summer Ain’t Over Yet!

picture of promotional lipbalmHere we are nearing the end of Summer and looking forward to cooler months where outdoor play can resume…the only thing is that as the sun moves north, it sits lower in the sky, sneaking under the brim of your wide brimmed promotional hat, causing damage if not restricted!

In my house, summer isn’t necessarily the hottest season inside the house, it’s autumn where the sun belts through windows, melting everything in its death-ray path. Still hot, still damaging and to compound matters, we tend to relax a little and expose ourselves more.

Enter stage right Promotional Lipbalm as a cost effective solution for your staff and event attendees. Not only is this a product that helps protect against the sun and wind, but it’s highly brandable and even tastes nice!

As a corporate giveaway during Easter and our season of outdoor BBQs and parties, they are an ideal way to say “get out there and enjoy yourself, protect yourself and remember who loves ya baby (hold on, that’s promotional lolly pops…)”.