Stick it to ’em!

Custom Post it Notes – Stick it to ’em!

custom-post-it-notesWe’re great fans of stick it notes…so much so that in an office environment humming with computer monitors, it’s sometimes hard to read a screen past the flurry of notes around the edges!

Sure, we could create those electronic sticky notes or shove all those phone numbers in our address books, reminders in calendars, to-dos into our organisers – and we do eventually – but in the heat of a phone call or when a brilliant thought flashes into our heads, it’s so much more conventient to jot them down on a piece of paper and place them somewhere prominent.

The practicality of promotional stick it notes aside, they’re also an ideal surface to brand with a company or organisation’s logo, perhaps even a mission statement or company mantra, “Dad Jokes” or competition…”Like us before Xmas and go into a draw to win a holiday to Bali!” The branding possibilities are almost limitless.

Take those two compelling reasons to invest in stick-it notes, plus their low cost and you have 3 strong arguments to dive head first into the promotional items game!