What happened to Spring?

Promotional Sunglasses Time Again! Well, whatever happened down the Met office over the last few days is having a curious effect on the weather; Otto in operations must have inadvertently leaned on the warmth lever and blown spring out of the frame…

Sweet Smell of Success in Business

Personal Space – Pocket Perfume to the Rescue There’s a failure in some folks to recognise personal space in business – this is no more true than when dealing with people from different cultures. In the west, we keep a good arms distance from each other (with my eyesight, it’s a necessity – that’s where […]

Some Things Can’t be Tamed

Grab a Promotional Umbrella and a Shovel Well, it’s that time of the year again…branded umbrella mayhem. No sooner have we all finished our EOFY sales than we need to tool up for the winter ahead. And boy has the season it provided us with more than enough drama over the past week! The problem we face […]

Over the Hump

The Winter Solstice – Marking Time for the Southern Hemisphere Well, lap it up folks. For some peoples, today marks the start of Winter but for us in Australia, we’re a genuine 3 weeks into our hibernation. NOT that you’d know it with all the outdoor activities going on and the reluctance of the sun […]

Help People in Need

Power Bank Solutions for Busy Lives We’re all about technology these days and with good reason….our business depends on it and increasingly, our personal lives are governed also. But even though we’re pretty smart at managing it, there are times when we forget ourselves and are outsmarted…like when my mobile phone ran through it’s battery […]

Hail the noble Pint Glass

Reconnect with Pint Glasses with Handle Hail the noble Pint Glass – 576ml of fluid storage and decanting in your hand. Isolated from the warmth of your body by its extended handle, it ingeniously maintains beer’s cold, health giving properties for longer, save for a promotional stubby cooler. It’s the wholesomeness of grasping a tankard of […]