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Screen Printing T Shirts and other products

Screen Printing is a decoration method we most commonly use on T Shirts and Green Bags like our Calico and Tote bags. It is one of the most commonly used decoration methods in the promotional industry as it provides large prints with PMS colour matching. We only use the very best Screen Printers to ensure that your logo looks great every time.

Printing a T Shirt or bag is a relatively straightforward process – if you know what you are doing, there are however lots of little things to look out for and there is where smaller operators fall-down.

First of all we need to have decent quality artwork to print from - we always use high resolution AI or EPS files to print from – you can read more about artwork for products promotional – here. Traditionally film negatives were produced and from those printing plates were made. However Screen Printing T Shirts is a lot easier if you invest in the proper machinery that makes the process quicker and more accurate. Our screen print shop uses technology where our art is transferred straight to the printing plate without shooting film.

Screen Printing
An old-fashioned screen print machine

Your garment or bag is then placed on a printing plate called a flatbed which has a sticky residue sprayed on it which keeps the item in place whilst being printed. Very basically the machine comes along and presses ink through a fine screen (apart from the sections that have the printing plate covering it) and therefore lays colour on the material). Multiple colour prints can be very effective on this type garment so the machine rotates around to the next screen where a secondary print colour can be laid. We can screen print up to 6 spot colours or can also print in full colour process.

As mentioned we match your custom PMS colour when printing so you will have a fully controlled logo print regardless of us printing a T Shirt, Bag or other garment.

The cost of Screen Printing is governed by how many colours we print, and the size of the print run. The per unit cost of screen printing drops considerably on volume, it becomes increasingly cheaper per unit the more we print. Our quality prints will last for years giving your promotion longevity.

Screen Printed T Shirt
A Screen Printed T Shirt

Screen Printing is an excellent way to make a large Promotional impact for a relatively low cost, it is relatively expensive on quantities lower than 25 units so we have set this as a minimum print quantity for our products.We look forward to helping you – we have been screen printing t shirts and bags for over 10 years so we have the experience to help you further.

Screen Priinting Machine
A fully automated screen printing machine

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