Find a wide range of promotional Items to give as gifts or incentives


Conference and Event Promotional Items - true price beaters!

Promotional Items that are functional and attractive are an excellent way to help an event or conference be a success. The process works best when you:

  • Find quality items that have a purpose
  • Effectively manage your budget
  • Order quickly with no set up costs

That's a big ask but not for us! We've experience doing this sort of thing and for the last ten years and have shipped promotional items all over Australia for conferences and Events. Essential items like Custom Lanyards, Compendiums and Tote Bags, we have a wide range covering every event need.

Why hand out Promotional Items at a Conference?

Promotional Items are essential element when planning an event or conference as they promote: Message Reinforcement - the high cost of hosted events is sometimes a necessary evil but you can leverage more value by branding goods that are used throughout bearing key messages that attendees will take home or back to their place of work. Brands - a well run event should stay with your clients for a long time and how wasteful would it be if the event wasn't attributed to any one business? That's why gentle reminders of who you are on takeaway items helps keep the memory alive.

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The value of Promotional Items

Choosing promotional items should be an easy task and we, like you, understand that:

  • Only the highest quality goods should be branded with your logo
  • Time is a valuable commodity - we'll assist quickly and efficiently
  • Your reputation can be at risk and price and quality have to match

At, we work hard at being Australia's best supplier of Promotional Items and pivot our service on three factors:

Firstly, quality that stands the test of time. We only partner with factories who produce goods of the highest quality. If a product bearing your name breaks or fades, your neck is on the line. In turn, so is ours and we avoid that uncomfortable scenario at all times (have done for 10 years!) by choosing only the best quality items.

Secondly, choosing promotional items is something you do only a few times a year and although we'd love you to hang around our website forever clicking on things and watching our cheesy videos, you've got plenty else to do. The site is laid out to better assist you but we also have dedicated staff who can take your call and provide insight to the products as they quickly take your order.

Lastly, you are operating on a budget and we can help you get the best bang for your buck. Whether you save money or maximize your spend, it's all down to how we negotiate with our suppliers. Using our superior buying power to secure big price deductions, the benefits are handed on to you.

Recapping, you'll be remembered by the quality of the promotional items you give, we'll assist you in person and ensure you maximize your spend. There are three ways to order with us - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - staff members are there to take your call.

*FORGET SET UP COSTS - As you survey the Promotional Products market for conference and events items, make sure you ask how companies charge set up costs. There's no quicker way to sour a deal that being hit with unexpected costs. At Budget Promotion, we don't charge set up costs - pure and simple.