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Custom Promotional Bags - advertising everywhere!

Promotional Bags present great opportunities to spread your logo or message across the world. Whether you like 'em or loath 'em, we all use 'em in our role as hunter 'gatherers'! Whilst you're gathering berries and small furry animals from the forest floor and stuffing them in a custom bag, why not advertise your business at the same time? When you choose a promotional bag, remember:

  • A quality product sets you apart from the competition
  • Expect great value with no "hidden extras"
  • You should be treated with the respect you deserve

If the above seems more than reasonable, you've come to the right place! Since the last century, we've been supplying Australia with printed custom bags displaying logos and brand messages. Bags like Green Bags and Logo Tote Bags, Caps and accessories you will be spoilt for choice.

Why choose a custom bag?

Custom bags don't just provide an important function although that's their primary role, they also offer:- Great Advertising - bags have relatively large print areas and are ideal to advertise your brand. Brand Builders - bags handed out en masse at an event all bearing your corporate colours and insignia are an excellent way to communicate your brand - imagine your boss' faces at that sight! Cost Efficiency - the low prices of tote bags make them affordable giveaways. Gift Ideas - there's a diverse range of promotional bags on this site and you'll find upmarket options that make gift giving a breeze.

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Promotional Bags - understated value

In selecting and pricing customised bags for this market, we have assumed (rightly?):

  • you need durable, quality promotional bags that will last
  • you want to be treated courteously by an industry professional
  • you anticipate a good price but won't compromise on quality is in the business of supplying Australia with the best value promotional bags on the market. Along the way, we've established three things:

Firstly there's little point in selling low quality goods at high prices - it doesn't work! High quality goods at low prices? Now you're interested and just as you expect a good value proposition, we expect the same from the companies we deal with.

Secondly We know that you're busy and need to concentrate your time running a business, that's why we try to make our transactions hassle free by devoting a single account manager to your enquiry.

Lastly, we buy a lot of stock year in year out and as a result, have negotiated big discounts from the factories we deal with. Why do we do this? To present the country's best value promtional bags.

Remember the following!: if you need to stock up on printed promotional bags - we have a dedicated staff member to help you, our prices are industry beaters and there's such a wide range you'll be spoilt for choice.Contact us in one of three ways - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - a speedy service awaits you!.

*Don't talk to us about SET UP COSTS! - There's absolutely no need to even mention we don't charge them. That's right, what you see is what you pay; it's a deal that's straight down the line!